Episode #9 - I Only Really Trust You

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Episode #9 - I Only Really Trust You

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 17 Apr - 13:25:20

NatKat's Big Brother Season 2
Happily Never After
Episode #9 - I Only Really Trust You

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 16 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 16 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Tonight on NatKat's Big Brother Season 2 - Happily Never After, things were heating up with Cruella and her nominations. She was ruffling feathers all over the place. Who would leave?


Cinderella is very upset with this turn of event. She goes to console Tiana, which is already with Pumba.

Cinderella: "I just logged on and saw the turn of events. Tiana, you're going to be okay right? Please tell me you have votes. You definitely have mine."

Pumba: "Sorry you got nominated Tiana! You of course have my vote!"

Tiana: "If our entire alliance votes me I should be safe. Kristoff said he would vote to keep me as well."

Pumba: "I just spoke with Kristoff and he told me the same thing. By the way, how does Cruella know you have allies? got this from Baymax:

I've heard Scar and Dopey want to vote out Tiana, but more people than that wanted to vote out Pan."

Tiana: "Interesting. Scar is in our alliance"

Pumba: "Yup"

Cinderella: "Scar worries me tbh. We already know he's with Cruella. We must tread carefully with him."

Tiana: "Agreed."

Tiana gathers herself and wipes away the tears. It's on like Donkey Kong.

Tiana: "Hey guys, I would appreciate it if you voted to keep me."

Gretel: "Of course! We will work to get the numbers."

Cinderella: "Yeah, there's 5 votes here. As long as we all vote to keep you, we only need one more vote and you're good."

Pumba: "You've got mine!"

Abu: "me too."

Tiana: "Thanks guys! I wonder if she is suspicious of our alliance?

I'm still confused about being nominated! Laughing"

Abu: "looks like Cruella is trying to work everybody."

Tiana: "Yeah I am confused. A lot of people in our alliance's names are being thrown out there as untrustworthy but I still think we need to stick together because we have the majority in this game."

Scar: "We have clear numbers here..."

Tiana: "We do! We don't need to let anyone squander that."

Abu's Diary Room

I warned Peter about making enemies against very active players. Now looks like Cruella is going to get her vengeance. I much rather Peter stays over Tiana, but I don't know if there are enough votes.

Gretel's Diary Room

Hmm Cruella ended up nominating Tiana. Her idea or did Scar infiltrate? If Tiana does go, the massive 6 person alliance of Abu/Cinder/Pumba/me/Scar/T could crumble. I think it's too soon to have that happen. T isn't the brightest bulb but she's been loyal to me and I would like to keep her. Pan asked for ny vote before veto and I lied so he better go home or I will be in a bad spot lol. I predict 3 more rounds at best for the big ol orgy staying togther and Abu and I juggling that and Bay/Kris. I need to think about how I come out of the explosion in the best possible light....At this point, I know everyone except Ursula and Queen Mombi. Soon I will gun for them hard, along with Pumba Razz Pumba concerns me most out of the entire cast. Be flattered!

Kristoff's Diary Room

I won the POV! *swings it around and whacks myself in the face with it*

Anyways...Cruella is such a dumb candy cane sweater. She said that pineapple slurpie about nominating Tiana and making a fake deal with Pan in public. I'm not sure everyone noticed so I went ahead and told Tiana and Pan about it. Oops!

Baymax had an interesting thought about wanting to keep Pan in and let him target Cruella and I love any plan that messes with the candy cane sweater but I just don't think we have the numbers for it. I'm gonna mull it over and talk to a few people and make my decision.

Tiana's Diary Room

Cruella is a dumb candy cane sweater!

She thought she was in a private area and posted this:
Post by Cruella de Vil Yesterday at 22:35:12

So she is probably the one...It is I just don't know if she will go or not. I wish Peter was around to possibly make a deal with him and get on his good side by telling him we will


Scar's Diary Room

I sure as hell hope she goes.

This will be a VERY close vote. I'm so nervous. If she doesn't end up going, then I'm screwed royally. :/

I've been kind of campaigning for her to go, but trying my best to make it sound like it's in everyone's best interests. We'll see what happens. This game is very interwoven right now. Everybody is.

Scar figures his best shot is to have the Head of Household back up his decision of wanting Tiana out. If only he can convince Cruella that Pan is not after her.

Scar: "Just something is off with that girl... I can't quite place it. And I have a concern that if she stays she'll have a lot of power. She has a lot of people in her corner."

Cruella de Vil: "If Peter stays I am in trouble...If Tiana stays I am in trouble too. I can't win."

Scar: "I don't think you're in trouble if Peter stays. He's just one person. Tiana has several people. And did you message Peter about how he may not be the target? I don't think he's actively going after you."

Cruella de Vil: "I saw that Dopey and Tiana came on at the same time last night and left at the exact same time. Don't trust either one."

Scar: "Oh wow... I totally forget Dopey's in this game! lmao. He and I have never spoken. But every once in awhile, Tiana mentions that Dopey "will vote" this way or that way. I used to brush it off, but now I'm not so sure.

I'm voting Tiana and I sure as hell hope she goes. I kinda have a bromance with Kristoff going, so I will tell him to vote Tiana as well. Wonder who all is in his ear. He doesn't talk about allies much..."

Cruella de Vil: "Tiana is telling me that one of the people I talk to a lot is feeding her information. It could be an attempt to not be evicted. She is kind of pissing me off with all this finger pointing. I just hope it is not true that someone is doing this. Something weird just happened with Tiana and I don't know how to explain it. She wondered who has been talking about her and Kristoff. I never mentioned it, so I am a little confused. Maybe she thought she was messaging someone else. She said she thinks she is safe. She has been campaigning all day."

Scar: "That's weird...

She told me that Kristoff PM'd her telling her that you accidentally posted in the veto thread, something that was meant for someone else. (I thought what you put was accidental too). Anyway, she mentioned that to me.

Then just a few minutes ago she said she heard I was campaigning for her to go. I did some damage control, but I hope to God she leaves today, or I could be in trouble with her... I can't play in the HOH tonight."

Cruella de Vil: "See that is not true. I can see how it was misunderstood, but I thought it was very clear that I was talking about the Evil Queen. The Evil Queen even posted a message immediately following mine. She is just grasping at straws now. She is also telling me that one of the people I talk to is feeding her information and she implied that it was you. I don't think it's true, but when she says and does things like this it only makes me concerned about how dangerous she is. Peter Pan is a mensch compared to her."

Scar: "He's nothing compared to her.

Baymax said to me that he is hearing that Peter is getting the majority of the vote and that only I and Dopey want Tiana gone.

I know for sure that's a lie, because I think Dopey is Tiana's right hand guy. This is all strange and I really want Tiana gone at this point. She's being really phony.

I will miss HOH tonight unfortunately and I must leave soon. If Tiana doesn't go today, that will majorly suck. I told people to vote her, so I hope it happens. Sucks that Baymax is sounding like he won't vote her. Can you talk to him or something?"

Gretel and Kristoff are in the kitchen preparing gingerbread men cookies.

Kristoff: "So which way are you leaning vote wise?"

Gretel: "I guess keep Tiana? I hope she will be inactive moving forward."

Kristoff: "That's what I'm thinking too"

Gretel: "Tiana is saying there's a villain alliance. Didn't you tell me that before? It all sorta makes sense now..."

Kristoff: "It makes sense to me too. Scar, Ursula, Cruella, Mombi, hell Pumba is prob with them too lol"

Gretel: "Yzum too!"

Kristoff: "I always forget about her lmao"

Gretel: "Same but she PMd me today for the first time asking what the vote was."

Kristoff: "Yeah we just need options haha"

Gretel: "Right!"

They start eating the cookies they just got out of the over and laugh about Scar's fat lion butt. Meanwhile Baymax and Scar are in the bathroom brushing their teeth.

Scar: "I kind of want to vote Tiana. I've heard she's in with multiple people."

Baymax: "I think tiana would be a good choice. It also keeps someone in the game who will have a clear target. We know pan will go after cruella. We do not know who tiana would nominate."

Scar: "This is very true. I heard rumblings that T is getting the vote, so that's what I'm going to do. She seems to kind of be playing the middle and using the fact that she didn't vote last round as a crutch with Cruella, which is b.s."

Baymax: "I did not hear from you until now, I have been hearing Peter is getting majority. All I know is you and Dopey want to vote Tiana, I have heard from more people that they are voting Peter. I don't want to be stuck voting for someone who ends up staying in the game and be nominated like Tiana and Kristoff did."

Scar: "Did you talk to Cruella? She told me something different..."

Baymax: "She said Tiana told her that there were people "playing them both" and she didn't buy it. I kept Tiana because I heard the vote was changing. But someone was trying to cause chaos before the vote. Just don't know who..."

Baymax was about to overload with all this information. He finished pretend flossing and went to oil his bearings. Pumba walks in wagging his piggy tail.

Pumba: "This could be a dumb question, but you're keeping Tiana right? Between you and me."

Scar: "I am not sure. I heard that she told Cruella that people are "playing them both" and I can't help but think that's a jab at me because she knows I talk cordially to Cruella. She's throwing shade instead of being quiet and just letting Peter go home.

Pumba: "Speaking for myself only, Peter put me up, so he seems like a logical choice to get out. If anything, we can keep an eye on other things as the game progresses. But that's just my thinking."

Back in the kitchen, Gretel is feeling quite full. She goes to take a #2 but Scar is hogging the bathroom.

Gretel: "Keep T still? It seems too early to do anything else."

Scar: "I'm hearing rumblings that people might be voting T out. She told Cruella that some people are "playing them both". I can't help but think that that could be an aim at me or even you, because she knows we talk to Cruella and her. I just don't like the shadiness she's throwing out there and using the fact that she didn't vote last round as a crutch...  So I think I'm voting for her. Sad I'm trusting you with this because I want to work with you the most going forward and I hope you won't tell her or anything. "

Gretel: "I won't say a word but you may need to damage control me with Pan. He asked for my vote before veto and I said I would keep him :/"

Scar wants to prevent him from being a target if Tiana stays so he finds her and reassures her about the vote.

Scar: "I'm voting to keep you, but I heard some others may not be. Sad Cruella asked me if I'm "playing her" and that she heard some people are. Then asked who I will be voting today?

That kind of confused me."

Tiana: "I am confused by her. She told me people told her I wanted to vote her out last round. I didn't vote and if I did vote I was voting with you and Gretel because you guys are my core alliance.

You are the only person I have a one on one private room with."

Scar: "I never heard that you wanted her out last round, so that's odd. Sad I think whoever DID vote to evict her last round must be in her ear trying to sway her to fix what they did... That's the only thing that makes sense with all this going on. I think someone's trying to create confusion with Cruella and it must be working."

Meanwhile Pumba and Abu are talking out on the deck.

Pumba: "How are you voting?"

Abu: "I'm thinking they are both threats down the line, but since Tiana is in our big group, would you prefer to keep her?"

Pumba: "I think I would. Plus Pan put me up lol"

Abu: "hopefully our big group stick together with the votes this time, or else we'll know something is shady."

Pumba: "Yeah, last round there was no real plan, but this time seems obvious"

Gretel wants to make sure about the majority. She realizes she hasn't touched base with Abu. She finds him eating peanuts outside on the deck.

Gretel: "What do you think? :/

Keep Tiana?"

Abu: "I think they are both threats down the line, but Tiana is in our big group so we should save her? there might be a conflict of interest here with our two alliances. Bay and Krist might try to get Tiana out."

Gretel: "I know...my fear is going against the big alliance. What should we do?"

Abu: "Kristoff acknowledged that Pan can't be safe, so I guess we should go with him. But I feel there's something shady with our big 6 alliance, Gretel. I think a few might be working with Cruella."

Gretel: "Ya something is really off. I also don't speak much to Pumba or Cindy at all. I don't trust they have our best interests at heart."

Abu: "Have you talk to Scar? I heard he's one of those that's talking to everyone and might be friendly with Cruella."

Gretel: "Yes I do know him. He talks to me. He may very well be close to her but it's weird he only sold out Tiana (if at all!)

I think If Cruella knew about us 6, she wouldn't have put up Peter. I think we remain undetected for now"

Abu: "alright sounds good, Gretel. Also watch out for Baymax. I know he is friendly and loyal to us, but he is very aware of everything so be careful around him."

Gretel: "Ok will do! I only really trust you anyway at this point"

Abu: "I trust you and Bay. It's just that he might find out about us aligning with other people. At some point we'll let him know. everything seems to point Cruella working with Scar. He told me about how he didn't trust Tiana."

Gretel: "it seems like there is a villian alliance!"

Abu: "It's alright we still got the numbers"

Peter Pan crawls in bed and spoons with Cinderella.

Peter Pan: "Cindy, baby. Can you believe I'm nominated. wtf?"

Cinderella: "Yeah I see. I'm a little worried that you're up against Tiana. I think Kristoff would have been easier to beat. Do you know if you have the votes to stay?"

Peter Pan: "Ugh, I know what you mean.

I rallied in some votes last night. I should have 6 people if they all stick to their word."

Cinderella: "Somebody's being lied to because Tiana thinks she has more than enough votes to stay and I've also heard from other people that you are getting evicted. I'm really sorry, I think you're going home so I had to evict you. I could be misinformed but I honestly think it's you. I held off on voting until now just so I could know who to vote for."

Scar is feeling annoyed about this vote. He gathers the group of villains for a last minute pow wow.

Scar: "I wish we could vote her to go; I really do. I know that's really forward, but something is just off with her and this may be the time to do it. There's us three and whoever Peter thinks he has on his side. I'm trusting this room with what I'm feeling. I really like this alliance, so I don't want to hold back what I'm thinking about things."

Cruella de Vil: "Tiana says that one or more of you are playing us both. I wonder..."

Ursula: "So who do we want to vote?"

Cruella de Vil: "Seeing that Tiana keeps messaging me to tell me that someone I am allied with is talking to her about me, I really don't know what to say. She could be lying, but there was a clue in one of her messages that tells me she isn't. Maybe that is why the vote during my possible eviction was so weird. Who knows? I stick with people and am grateful when people help me out, but there is nothing I dislike more than a traitor. I hope she is lying and that it is an attempt to save herself, which is probably the case. Again, who knows?"

Yzma: "Im sure she is trying to save herself. But I havent talked to her much so I cant be sure"

Cruella de Vil: "All I know is that I can't wait for this round to be over. lol"

Yzma: "LOL"

Scar: "I can't wait either. I've got Tiana now asking me if I'm the one campaigning for her to go. I want this round over and her gone. She's pointing a lot of fingers and it won't be good if she sticks around.

Ursula, will you vote Tiana out?"

Cruella de Vil: "OMG she is spinning out of control. If she stays the 4 of us are doomed she will pick each of us off, starting with me, by rallying all the good guys."

Scar: "Just so everyone in this room knows, I had to do "damage control" with Tiana just now. I told her I'm "confused" by Cruella and that I think the people who voted to evict Cruella last round must be lying to her to create confusion and that I heard Tiana is talking about me. I told this to Tiana, but just to clear the air with you guys, I want you to know I said that to her, but I'm just saying that to do damage control."

Baymax, Abu and Dopey wait around the living room for the TV to come on and for the announcement about the eviction to happen.

Dopey: "Hey guys ,
I have to admit that I would rather vote for Tiana , simply because she nominated me when she was HoH , whereas Pan did not...that's it really"

Abu: "been asking people, and people all going in all directions with this vote. either that or i'm really out of the loop"

Baymax: "I would rather vote tiana as well but have no idea what others are thinking.

I believe scar is voting for tiana though"

Dopey: "I have a question for you...

does it really matter what the others are doing ?"

Baymax: "Well yes, because if you are seen voting for the person who is staying, then that person can potentially nominate you. Take last round for example. Cruella won HoH, and then nominated people she believed voted against her.

I am not allied with either Pan or Tiana, so I don't care who is leaving, I just don't want to be on the wrong end."

Dopey: "yeah, but surely that only comes into play if you actually tell anyone who you are voting for...if you just keep your opinion to yourself , you dont run that risk. We work as a team , the 3 of us , but if we start telling everyone else how we vote ,then we open ourselves to enemies."

Baymax: "I'm not telling people how I am voting just asking them how they are voting."

Eviction Ceremony #3

HOH - Cruella de Vil
Nominees - Peter Pan and Kristoff
POV - Kristoff (used on himself)
Nominees - Peter Pan and Tiana

For one of you, it's about to be a Happily Never After ending

Everyone voted, great job!

By a vote of

We say goodbye to the lovely

Peter Pan

Thank you so much for joining. Gone too soon <3

Challenge in 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Tiana: "Bye Peter"

Kristoff: "Bye Peter!"

Scar: "Adios Peter!"

Pumba: "Back to Neverland with you"

Peter Pan: "my anaconda don't want all of you hoes! Bye Bitchesssss"

Neal Cassidy: "lolololol I love my censors"

Kristoff: "They are the worst."

Baymax: "goodbye Peter."

Gretel's Diary Room

T stayed which is awesome!!! I also think I've decided to give up on the 6 person Orgy. Bay, Kris and Abu seem like a better more trustworthy bet. I need to refocus my energy there.

*More throwing of HOHs to come*

The 'villain' alliance concept is swirling around. I am a hero so I'll spread that lol. I just need Cruella and Scar on jury lol!

Baymax and Abu hug after Pan's departure but really, are trying to secretly talk.

Abu: "Let me see if we are on the same page, Baymax. Who do you feel are the major threats for us right now? My gut tells me it's Cruella and Scar. I just feel they have some influence in the house."

Baymax: "Definitely. I have a private room with Scar but if you want I can show you my confessional I made where my sole purpose to reach out to him was to make sure I have someone on the bad guys side to keep tabs.

He is actually who I was referring to when I mentioned the evil thing was more real than I thought before. I've managed to keep him as an ally even though I have not been voting the same way as him. "

Abu: "I have a private room with Scar too. Don't know about you but I'm almost certain he is working with Cruella. Don't have proof of this, but he always seem to be leaning toward helping her."

Baymax: "I agree.

That's funny, we could totally bounce back and forth between these sides, it seems we're both right in the middle of them."

Meanwhile Tiana and Cinderella are doing each others nails while Pumba feeds them grapes.

Pumba: "Congrats on staying."

Tiana: "Do you guys think there could be a villain alliance?"

Cinderella: "Villain alliance? Like

Cruella/Scar/Queen Mombi/Yzma

Are they all the villains? I'm not super familiar with Disney characters.

What makes you say that? It's definitely possible."

Tiana: "Scar advocated for us to save Cruella. Scar also seems to be the one playing our side and telling Cruella things.

I had 4 votes against me. I assume Scar voted to keep me after all his stuff got exposed. There are 5 villains in the game.


Cruella couldn't vote and I assume Scar didn't vote me. Dopey did vote me so I assume 3 of the villains plus Dopey voted me.

I think that's what has happened. I think the villains have formed an alliance."

Cinderella: "what Tiana says makes a lot of sense."

They notice that Scar, Abu and Gretel are coming their way. They pretend like they also just got there.

Pumba: "Congrats on staying!!!"

Cinderella: "Yeah, I'm glad everything worked out."

Gretel: "Same! We are half the game in here now lol"

Scar: "Good job T!!!"

Tiana: "Thanks guys"

The game is gaining momentum and people are about to scrap. Who will throw the gloves down first? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 2 - Happily Never After.
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