Episode #25 - Abu Where Are You!

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Episode #25 - Abu Where Are You!

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 1 May - 19:17:30

NatKat's Big Brother Season 2
Happily Never After
Episode #25 - Abu Where Are You!

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 16 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 16 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Tonight on NatKat's Big Brother Season 2 - Happily Never After, Baymax shocked the house when he put up the biggest threats Kristoff and Tiana. Would they manage to escape this straight forward strike against power?


The house was so shaken that they just decided to spend their morning in the diary room.

Baymax's Diary Room

I did it, I put up the two biggest threats in the game. This is the most important round of the game, and I need Kristoff to leave if I want any chance of winning more challenges.

My 2 main allies Abu and Gretel are in the PoV but are nowhere to be seen, and without explanation as to why. I should have asked in the group thread earlier, but they should know how important this is! Do they not care?

Dopey is also in the PoV so hopefully he will at least try too. I have to win this or my HoH will go to waste!

Gretel's Diary Room

Kristoff and Tiana are nominated Sad. This is also a worst case scenario. I've promised them both I'd like to go to the end and obviously now I may break it to vote one out. Both are great allies and I trust them a lot!

So remember back in the early stages of this game I targetted Pumba and wanted him out? Seems I was right. And Baymax? He is clearly working something with Dopey and Pumba! I see it and will take action shortly. I may not be the only one seated in a good position. I'm being excluded from things and I don't like it one bit!!

Dopey reached out again so I'll build that relationship again and I HAVE to get Pumba to want me there too if it kills me lol.

This round will once again be terrible as Tiana probably goes home....Sad

Gretel goes to console Tiana and Kristoff who are sitting by the hot tub.

Gretel: "Guys I'm so sorry Sad. I feel like everyone in the game is shady af and we just have each other. Why did he do that!!"

Tiana: "I feel like we can only trust each other and Pumb"

Kristoff: "I guess so"

Tiana: "Sucks that are alliance is going down like this"

Tiana and Gretel are sitting alone in the kitchen. Once they realize no one is around, they start henning.

Tiana: "If nominations stay the same, I think I will be okay. Baymax messaged me and said Kristoff was his target."

Gretel: "ok good! My worry is if Kristoff gets veto, they will vote you out. Abu plus Dopey is enough for a tie and then Baymax breaks it :/"

Tiana: "Didn't think about that :/"

Gretel: "Good luck girl!! Let's get this!"

Tiana: "yesssss!!! Good luck!!!"

Gretel and Kristoff have a little pow wow before the challenge.

Gretel: "I was just figuring earlier that my vote doesn't even matter this time and it sucks. Abu/Pumba/Dopey/Baymax control it, even if you were to come down."

Kristoff: "I know Sad So disheartening. I just hope we both make it through this week."

Gretel: "It really is. I was just saying that exact thing to Emma earlier.

I hope we both do too!"

Gretel's Diary Room

Well with Kristoff/Tiana on the outs I PMd Dopey and Pumba. Well Dopey PMd me to explain Cinderella's comments. Pumba ignored me....interesting. Ugh I've wanted this person out the entire game this is so ridiculous!! WHY CAN I NOT TAKE HIM OUT? It's pissing me off tbh. They will go on to comp REGINA SHOULD HAVE WON too.

It was now time for the power of veto which would certainly be interesting with the two comp beasts on the block.

Power of Veto #10 - (Around the World in 80 Days)

Let your knowledge of the world soar.

Veto Players


Tonight for this veto, we will see how much you know about.....FLAGS

Below is a link that has random flags all over it. You have 20 minutes to name as many as you can.


- Post your answers in your diary room (doesn't matter which thread.)
- Capitalization and spelling count
- You have 20 minutes
- You can only submit once
- Most right in shortest amount of time wins.
- You can only submit as many flag names as their are flags. Don't be cute and send me a list of all countries possible. If you send more than you will be disqualified.

Link: http://oi65.tinypic.com/1zb9qgl.jpg

The 2 challenge whores were in it to win it, this was high energy and everyone was working on their flags with due diligence and hardship.

Gretel: "Could've sworn Italy was on there! Oh well.

Good luck everyone."

The Winner is

With 18 points


Here are the answers submitted by the winner

El Salvador

Please post your decision on this thread tonight.

Kristoff: "Congrats Tiana."

Tiana: "Thank you!

I am going to have to save myself, because it would just be dumb not to. Good luck Kristoff and the other person who gets nominated in my place."

Emma Swan: "Baymax please post a replacement nominee."

Another hard decision ahead, Baymax went to oil his bearings in the meantime while he thought things through. Meanwhile Tiana and Gretel were celebrating.

Gretel: "You did it!!!! Very Happy

Now hope I don't go up ha ha"

Tiana: "I think Kristoff is going out this week."

Gretel: "I think so too. Are you gonna vote to keep him or should we not?"

Tiana: "Idk. If its you vs. him I will vote him out 100%. I don't want to tie the vote either...I would vote Abu/Dopey out over him but not Pumba or you because I trust both of you more than him."

Gretel: "I understand. You've talked with me and Pumba since the beginning the most. I like Pumba a lot as well but he's quieter."

Tiana: "I feel like at this point we have to win competitons"

Gretel: "Yep, go all out until the f2! Especially cuz I think if we don't you/me will go up together for the rest of the game."

Tiana: "For sure!"

Gretel tries to encourage Baymax.

Gretel: "Don't worry, just tell Pumba he is the pawn. Sorry you have to renom."

Baymax: "You guys will both vote out Kristoff right? With him gone we all have a better chance of keeping HoH on our side for the rest of the game."

Gretel: "Yes, he will go regardless of who gets nominated.

You do realize we control who goes this week. Abu/my vote plus yours, silly Wink"

Baymax: "I cannot vote I am HoH, silly Razz

We have Dopey's vote for sure though, just look at how he spoke to Kristoff after I nominated him!"

Gretel: "You vote in the tie! There's 4 votes. Abu/me are 2. Smile"

Baymax: "Logically it would have made more sense to put one of you up as a pawn to ensure the other would vote to keep to go with dopey'so vote and to hide our alliance but I hope this proves my loyalty and no matter what I will never put either of you up for nomination. Kristoff will not go without a fight. He will say whatever he can to stay which further proves how badly he needs to go. Please do not let him get to you.

Abu where are you!"

Who will Baymax nominate and can Kristoff survive the block? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 2 - Happily Never After.
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