Episode #3 - What's a Jib?

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Episode #3 - What's a Jib?

Post by Emma Swan on Wed 6 Apr - 20:21:08

NatKat's Big Brother Season 2
Happily Never After
Episode #3 - What's a Jib?

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 16 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 16 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Tonight on NatKat's Big Brother Season 2 - Happily Never After, we get to experience the dynamics after nominations and also watch the players take part in the first Power of Veto challenge.


Everyone was reacting to the nominations and going about their day.

Abu's Diary Room

Abu, a sweet fun loving monkey with a good heart from the movie, Aladdin. Who can say "no" to Abu?!? So i contacted Gretel, Baymax, Dopey, and Tiana after she won the HOH. I also wished Pumba luck in the POV competition. Abu is really too frightened to talk to the villain characters though.

Cinderella's Diary Room

Pure luck has kept me off the chopping block so far. I literally have ZERO allies and I haven't talked to anybody via pm. I usually have more time on my hands to actually play the game but I'm in 2 games at the moment and I've been lagging it in both. I'm going to have to step it up if I want to stick around past the next 2-4 evictions.

GAME-NOTES: Cruella seems to be getting connected. She has people pming her. Cruella, I wouldn't have posted that publicly if I were you. I would have simply taken that to my diary room.

Peter Pan (I was supposed to be him) and Cruella are no doubt working together. You don't sass someone like that unless you're friends. She's also sassing Kristoff.

Possible alliances:
Cruella/Peter Pan

Now how do I proceed with making alliances? I guess I'll start with the HOH and pray she has some big alliance she's willing to pull me into. I don't even care if I'm at the bottom at this point, I just want some protection.

Dopey's Diary Room

Looks like Pumba will be the first casualty , simply a no-show. OK , the plan is to win veto and take Hades off the block.

Hades's Diary Room

My strategy was to lay low at the start of the game... but apparently I have laid too low and now Tiana has nominated me. Crap. I guess I should do some damage control and try to gather some numbers and hopefully can stick around.

Being nominated the first week sucks, because it's hard to know how to go about campaigning to stay.  If I Message too many people, I increase the chance of saying something to the wrong person that makes them think I am playing too hard too fast, and I could be evicted as a result.  On the other hand, if you don't talk to enough people it's impossible to give anyone a reason to want to keep you.  This is the predicament I'm in.

I've decided to reach out to just a few people, and let them know that I want to stay, and that if I do stay I will be willing to work with them.  So far I've reached out to Scar and Kristoff, and I also received a PM from Dopey.  They have all expressed interest in keeping me, so, as long as they are being honest with me, then things might be looking ok for me.

I also reached out to Tiana to let her know that i do not hold any grudges.  I don't believe she had a lot of reasons to nominate anyone so she just went with two people who were offline at the time.  So, I can forgive her for that, but I won't forget Twisted Evil

Kristoff's Diary Room

Before the HOH comp, I wanted to throw myself around the house socially and try and mingle with as many houseguest as I could do it would increase the odds of the eventual HOH being someone I've already communicated with so it won't seem fake when I brown nose the my anaconda don't want out of them right before nominations.

I had no interest in winning HOH and I didn't even submit. Sorry Kathy <3 it was a cool challenge though. I love movies. Anyways, wouldn't you know that Tiana won and she's one of the ones I haven't talked to. I went ahead and approached her anyways and acted excited as my anaconda don't want lol Luckily this was enough for her and I was given my key. *swings the key around until the key slips out of my hand and whacks the wall* Oops.

Hades approached me asking for my support. I told him I'd definitely try and save him and we made a deal to have each other's backs throughout the game. Pumba is dead weight so I think the house should boot the candy cane sweater easily.

Tiana's Diary Room

Nominating Hades and Pumba was not very hard. Neither talked to me or were here for the challenge. I feel bad nominating for that reason because normally I wouldn't be here on a Monday, but as the first HOH that is the obvious move.

The following people talked to me this round:

Peter Pan
Queen Mombi

People who did not:


Annoying that Dopey and Cruella who are both active did not message me. Cruella had PM problems but Dopey didn't so I may go with Dopey as a replacement nominee if I don't go with Cinderella.

Kristoff is on the threadmill beside Gretel who is doing laundry and washing her socks.

Kristoff: "I'm glad we ended up safe. <3 Hades approached me. I think he'd be beneficial for us moving forward. If we can save him, we should since Pumba is dead weight."

Gretel: "Neither approached me so I will vote to keep Hades!"

Kristoff: "Yeah idk if Pumba will be active."

Gretel: "Probably not haha. We aren't in veto tonight!" *throws socks in washer*

Kristoff: "I know. I was hoping one of us would be. Hopefully it doesn't get used"

In the kitchen, Crazy Mombi is trying to whip up some humus for her crackers while Scar cooks a nice juicy steak.

Queen Mombi: "King Scar, it is morbid, but we must collect all of their heads."

Scar: "We have to. It's the only choice in rising to the top!

One head on the pyramid at a time my queen, one at a time..."

Queen Mombi: "Indeed, My King."

Queen Mombi: "King Scar. I PMED Tiana just so she couldn't say "you didn't talk to me"."

Scar: "lol Very wise. So glad I don't have to deal with the PMs! They're so hard to sift through and the coloring is very dark."

Queen Mombi: "I got lost in them. It is very dark in there. This private room will be much easier. "

Tiana the Head of Household is sitting in her bed listening to "The Sound of Music" soundtrack with Gretel.

Tiana: "I hope I can win so I only piss off two people lo"

Gretel: "Lol ya I don't blame you there. You got this!"

Abu knocks on the door and asks Gretel if she can come help him find his missing sock.

Abu: "Hi Gretel, how are you?"

Gretel: "Hey Abu Smile

I'm glad we aren't nominated but we also aren't in veto!"

Abu: "I assume that's a good thing? Abu doesn't play too many BB games Smile"

Gretel: "It's good and bad. You don't ever wanna be nominated cuz you vote one of the two nominees out. The veto is what you can win sorta like immunity to protect yourself, so not getting a chance to play for it and win it can be bad. Only 6 can.

It's ok tho for us now cuz the HOH is going for the lesser active characters.

Have you met anyone else yet? I'm not gonna tell anyone I know you!"

Abu: "Baymax contacted Abu. He said he hate villains, like Abu. Do you think we can trust him, Gretel?"

Gretel: "I haven't met Baymax but he seems very friendly. Keep an eye on him Wink"

Abu: "If he's good at challenges maybe we can make a pact with him? What do you think Gretel? Is it too early too make alliances?"

Gretel: "We can try! It's not too early."

Gretel reaches down under his bed and pulls the sock out. She hands it over and they hug right before she leaves to go get her now clean laundry from the backyard. Baymax walks in.

Baymax: "Oh hello."

Abu: "Hey Baymax, hope you don't mind i made a room."

Baymax: "This is wonderful. I hope we can get others with similar interests so we can have a group chat!"

Abu: "After doing all the scans on these people. What does your analysis say? Can we trust anybody?"

Baymax: "Well you like the good guys right? What about Dopey, or Kristoff?"

Abu: "I've spoken to Mr. Dopey but not Kristoff. Mr. Dopey seems pretty cool. I also wished Pumba luck in POV"

Baymax: "I told him if he needed my help to ask me but he has not replied."

Cinderella's Diary Room

Now, it's going Down in the DM (I hate that that song is growing on me) but I'm finally getting some conversations going. I just need to get a legit alliance that consist of more than 2 people. Why are these people so afraid to make alliances? Like people will talk to me but only make small talk about our characters and they dance around alliances which is the main point of this game.

After a long day of doing nothing much, the veto players were asked to come outside to the backyard for their challenge.

Power of Veto Challenge #1

The richest duck in the world.

I have sad news, Scrooge McDuck born in 1947 has passed away. Let's take a moment of silence.







Back to the challenge now. Scrooge McDuck left his money to the 6 of you split equally. You will use this money to compete in the challenge. (Really my inspiration comes from switza but I had to put a Disney touch to it <3).

Each of you have $1000 to spend on the challenge. Each round I will ask a question. You will have 120 seconds to answer it in your Diary Room. The first person to 3 points with at least $1 left will win the Power of Veto.


- When you answer a question, you must put down a bid for that question.
- The person who gets the point is the person who answered correctly with the highest bid.
- You only have 120 seconds (2 minutes) to answer
- Only answers in your Diary Room will count
- Make a new thread in your room to participate (title doesn't matter)
- Capitalization doesn't matter
- Spelling counts
- I want first and last name if it's a name answer

Questions? First question will be posted in 10 minutes.

Pumba: "Good luck everyone. But not too much luck!"

Yzma: "Good luck"

Gretel: "RIP. Good luck guys!"

Question #1

Name the 3 hosts in this game (Character names)

*Tiana runs and falls before being able to submit her answer*

*Yzma jumps over her and places a bid of $289 to score her first point*

*Pumba is just standing there looking at everyone in awe*

After 7 rounds, and after Tiana and Yzma run out of money, someone finally scores their 3rd point.

We have a Winner


You have won the Power of Veto. Please post your decision on this thread. You have 2 hours.

Queen Mombi: "Way to go, Pumba!"

Yzma: "Congrats Pumba"

Tiana: "Good job Pumba!"

Pumba: "I'll use it on myself. Hakuna Matata!"

Emma Swan: "Tiana, you are now responsible for naming a replacement nominee. You also have 2 hours."

Baymax: "Way to go hairy baby!"

Pumba: "This was for you Timon!!!"

Ursula: "Great job pumba!!!"

Abu: "good job Pumba"

Flynn Rider: "Congrats on Veto Pumbs"

Kristoff: "Congrats Pumba."

Cruella de Vil: "Pumba is so cute! I'm starting to like the cut of that Kristoff's jib."

Flynn Rider: "What's a jib?"

Kristoff: "I'd like to know as well."

Cruella de Vil: "I am complimenting your marvelous style, my love."

Kristoff: "Thank you kindly Ms. de Vil <3"

Tiana gets up and plays with the bottom of her dress while trying to think fast. Who should she nominate.

Tiana: "So I have decided to nominate
. I just haven't talked to you at all and I have talked to everyone at least once. (Besides Cruella who can't communicate with anyone lol)

Good luck to the both of you."

Peter Pan's Diary Room

Well, well well. Tiana Nominated Dopey. NO BUENO!

Pumba's Diary Room

I don't know how I pulled it off, but I won POV and was able to take myself off the block. It was a huge cluster f**k. For some reason, I couldn't create any new DR posts from my phone, so Emma Swan had to create one for me. Once I was able to start playing #PumbaaPower was in full effect.

I was also approached by Cinderella and Tiana to form an alliance, which is pretty funny since Tiana is the one who put me up. Of course I said yes because, well, you don't turn down alliances! Abu has also messaged me, so I may suggest we pick him/her up for our alliance as well.

All in all, winning the POV was what I needed to get involved in this game.

Hakuna Matata!

Cinderella's Diary Room

People I have heard from


I'm trying to make Pumba my #1. I don't think he has any allies so I'm starting with him.  Myself, Pumba, and Tiana are an alliance and Cruella and I also have an alliance. Those are my only alliances at the moment.

I did reach out to Hades. I'm hoping he stays and joins my crew

The nominations are set in stone

Hades & Dopey you are both nominated for eviction tonight. Your peers now have until 6:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday April 6th to vote for one of you to be evicted in their Diary Room.

Good Luck!

Remember that failure to vote means you cannot play in the next Wizard Challenge or be Head of Household.

Cruella de Vil: "Oh Tiana, didn't you hear...I fixed that wretched problem. I am here for all of you now."

Kristoff: "Good luck Hades & Dopey."

Cruella de Vil: "Oh Kristoff look. We look smashing together!"

Hades: "Congrats on POV Pumba.  Sorry to see you nominated Dopey.  

I know I haven't been too active lately.  This game started just after I volunteered to work a few evening shifts, so that is why I haven't been available during peak hours to participate in the competitions.  If you want to vote me out for that, I can't really argue or complain, but I just wanted to make it known that I will be more active moving forward and I that I definitely want to stay in this game. If I do stay, not only will I be more active, but I look forward to getting to know you all a little better. "

Dopey: "Well that figures lol , thank you Tiana Wink . I wasn't aware that princesses had to be spoken to , and couldn't start off a conversation themselves.
To the other players , some I probably haven't spoken to either (shame on me) , I'd like to stay. It's that simple. No lies , no drama. If you vote me out, no problemo , I'm well aware that this is only game , and it's meant to be fun !
Vote well my fairytale brethren Very Happy"

Dopey's Diary Room

I just hate it when someone says " oh, I haven't spoken to you blah blah blah , that's why I'm nominating you blah blah blah" , such a lousy reason. I'd have much more respect for her if she came out and said " I actually hate Snow White...." or " Your profile pic creeps me out...".

I just hope her next turd's a hedgehog...

Gretel and Kristoff are the first ones in the kitchen. They assure everyone that they have a handle on dinner.

Gretel: "Do you still wanna keep Hades?

Only Dopey asked for my vote lol"

Kristoff: "Well Baymax is saying that a good vs evil thing is stirring up. He wouldn't give me specific information but just told me to vote Hades. Idk seems shady. How are you leaning?"

Gretel: "Well I guess I lean more toward keeping Dopey cuz he contacted me but I was willing to vote against him cuz of you asking me to keep Hades.

I haven't heard of a good vs. evil. Are we good? Who else is?"

Gretel's Diary Room

Tiana's final nominations were two of the inactives, Dopey and Hades, but they turned out to be not-so inactive. Hades seems scary and evil! I don't like people who come off that way.

I'm just going about things in my own Gretel way and trying to determine who knows who and who I need to still meet. The different relationships are especially important in BB when you could end up being nominated against anyone and you always need to make sure you have the votes to stay. I am making a plan to meet 1-2 different new people per day so I stay off the block as long as possible.

I heard there may be a good vs. evil character thing happening too, which whatever, Scar is one of my main allies so I will need to prevent these sides at all costs.

Cruella D is SUCH A candy cane sweater. PUN INTENDED SINCE SHE KILLS PUPPIES. How dare she berate a child publicly during the wizard challenge.

All that said, highly entertaining and would love to work with her. I quickly got in contact with the woman.

Scar slowly creeps in and jumps behind them to scare them in a joking manner.

Scar: "Bahaha sorry, I couldn't help myself.  I guess I'll lean for voting Hades out because he hasn't seemed to really pop in much on this game. At least Dopey has said some stuff. What do you think about that? And how was your day?"

Gretel: "Dopey was the only one to contact me lol. I don't care who goes!"

Scar: "Oh dang. Hades messaged me and he seems really nice. I may just get rid of Dopey instead. Could you do that? I think Hades just hasn't had the chance to really get online much. So I'll probably vote Dopey out tomorrow. Sorry for the confusion! I'll talk to you tomorrow."

Hades walks in and lingers around, making it hard for them to talk. Scar leaves them be and joins Mombi in the backyard while she smokes a long thin cigarette.

Scar: "Ah, Hades messaged me, so now I feel like I should keep him. He seems nice and wants to be in this game. What do you think?"

Queen Mombi: *blows smoke up in the air* "My day is lovely, my King. How is yours?

Dopey messaged me! That's ironic that we each got a PM from a different nominee. I think it's probably better to keep Dopey. We need someone around that might have something against Tiana. She's strong. That's my strategy behind it.

Do you think we could work with Hades? We could always each vote a different one and just see what happens?"

Baymax walks outside and goes by the pool. Scar notices and excuses himself to go join Baymax.

Baymax: "Hello Scar. Hades has not bothers to speak to me at all and I feel Dopey deserves to be here more so I am voting to evict Hades."

Scar: "Oh, Hades messaged me and he seems nice, so I might keep him. Dopey's kind of annoying."

Baymax: "If we are going to vote separate ways we should make a promise to stay honest with each other. We don't have to see eye to eye on this first vote, it's not a big deal if either goes really.

How is Dopey annoying?"

Scar: "I'll always be honest. Smile He just posts weird stuff to the forum. ha. I don't want you to be upset with me about the vote."

Baymax: "I am not upset. I find Dopey amusing though so that is why I asked.

As long as we have each other's backs then that's all that really matters."

Scar: "For sure Bay, for sure."

They both stare off into the distance. After a short while, Scar gets up and walks back inside the house where he finds Yzma, Ursula and Cruella talking.

Cruella de Vil: "Hello my villainous vultures, who are we getting rid of? I say we get rid of the dumb one who has little fashion sense. What do you think?"

Ursula: "Dopey seems more active you think he has the votes to stay?"

Cruella de Vil: "You could be right. Maybe we can use someone who is naive like that to do our bidding. Let us wait this one out for awhile and see what the others say."

Scar: "Hello! I am very happy about this room ladies. Pleasant surprise to come home to. Hades messaged me asking for me to keep him, but that was before the veto. I don't have a problem keeping him if you guys agree. He could be useful if we pull him in as a villain member. He asked if "us villains" could stick together in his PM to me.

And I totally agree Cruella. Dopey has 0 fashion sense. It's blinding to my eyes, truly."

Yzma: "Hello all. Love this room. It dont matter to me who we vote. I have only received a message from dopey so far."

Ursula: "Only Dopey has messaged me so I am guessing he will stay"

Dopey's Diary Room

Been in touch with all the players , whether they keep me in or not, who knows... I seem to have made a couple of allies in Abu and Baymax , so that might be good , and they said they would work together to help me get some support.

Shame I had to go up against Hades just I had made a connection lol , typical isn't it !!

Tiana's Diary Room

I came close to winning the POV but I screwed up. I had to end up replacing Pumba with Dopey who never made an effort to talk to me.

Kristoff's Diary Room

lmfao <33 I'm so testy about these people. I can't with these people, especially Cruella & Baymax who don't even act like they're people. It's like this is an improv game and we have to BE the character lol

The following hours were full of back and forth all around the house. When night fell it was time to put your money where your mouth is and get to voting.

Eviction Ceremony #1

HOH - Tiana
Nominees - Pumba and Hades
POV - Pumba (used on himself)
Nominees - Dopey and Hades

For one of you, it's about to be a Happily Never After ending.

Abu goes into the Diary Room and votes:
"I, Abu Monkey, vote for Hades fire Head"

Baymax is next in and votes:
"I have to cut the wire on....Hades"

Cinderella follows behind Baymax to vote:
"Oh my I don't know what to do. I vote for Dopey"

Cruella is next to vote:
"Hello all my pretties. I vote for Dopey"

Gretel who was waiting outside for her turn fixes her socks before walking in and voting:
"Where's the candy? I vote Hades"

Kristoff walks in and plops down on the couch:
"Aye Aye I wish I could be voting for Cruella but sadly I vote for Hades

Peter Pan runs in high fiving Kristoff:
"Yo Emma, How you doin? I vote Hades. PEACE!!!"

PPumba snorts around to find food but finally goes into the diary room:
"Thank God for Veto. Bye Bye Dodo. I vote for Dopey"

Scar sits all docile licking his pay on the couch:
"Scar has no patience for dwarves, I vote Dopey"

Ursula looking like she has zero fucks to give:
"I'm just voting Hades"

Yzma nods at Ursula as they pass each other in the Diary Room hallway:
"Hi Mom, HI Dad. I vote Had"

Flynn Rider and Queen Mombi failed to vote and therefore cannot participate tonight or be named Head of Household.

By a vote of

We say goodbye to the lovely


Thank you so much for joining. I know you really wanted to play and I'm sure you would have been a force to reckon with had you been able to stay longer.

Challenge in 2.5 hours.

Scar: "Goodbye Hades!"

Queen Mombi: "Well pineapple slurpee. Sorry about that.

Bye Hades!

Congrats on staying, Dopey!"

Peter Pan: "Bye Hades. Congrats Dopey

*Hugs everyone*"

Dopey: "A big Thank You to all those who decided to keep me in the game !!"

Cinderella: "Congrats on staying Dopey and sorry again about that vote."

Abu: "Bye Hades. Congrats on staying Dopey."

Hades: "May you all rot in Hades!"

Tiana: "Bye Hades! Congrats on staying Dopey!"

Pumba: "Congrats on staying Dopey!"

Cinderella's Diary Room

Hades ending up leaving. It's a small loss for me as I did try to align with Hades and I told Dopey I voted him out but we'll roll with the punches.

Someone already out the door, it was just a matter of time before this active cast started clashing. Who will be assigned the next Head of Household title? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 2 - Happily Never After.
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