Episode #8 - I Don't Owe Him Nothing

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Episode #8 - I Don't Owe Him Nothing

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 17 Apr - 13:25:04

NatKat's Big Brother Season 2
Happily Never After
Episode #8 - I Don't Owe Him Nothing

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 16 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 16 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Tonight on NatKat's Big Brother Season 2 - Happily Never After, we witness the power of veto challenge and see if one of the boys can save themselves.


The house was rather quiet. The players took this time to confess some sins in the Diary Room.

Baymax's Diary Room

There is no way I am winning this PoV. I am friends with both, so I can pretend I will take them off if I win, but I have to throw it otherwise it will put a big target on my back if I have to pick between the two.

Kristoff's Diary Room

If I don't win this POV, I worry that I will be out the door. Everyone is acting super shady about the vote and I'm feeling the pressure. It's time to either sink or swim and I got my new phone, who dis goggles on candy cane sweater.

Baymax, Kristoff, Gretel and Abu are in the back room just chilling and playing cards before the veto.

Abu: "this is truly a group of misfits lol, nice misfits though"

Kristoff; "The best misfits you could ask for."

Baymax: "Peter Pan is a big threat to our alliance, even though he is a cool player. We need to save our friend Kristoff this round."

Abu: "understood, Baymax. if we can't give him the block then we need to scramble for votes."

Kristoff: "Guys Sad I so should've seen this coming. I had a feeling I'd go up when I saw Cruella had won. Hopefully we can get the votes to save me. But, I'll be fighting hard for the POV."

Baymax: "Did you vote for her? If you did not then why didn't you send her a message saying you voted to keep her?

We have your back if you stay on the block."

Kristoff: "I did vote to evict her lol But, I would've been upfront with her if she would've asked."

Abu: "We'll scramble for votes if you are still on the block. Peter Pan is a strong player though, try your best Kristoff at the POV"

Kristoff: "I will!"

Gretel: "Good luck Kristoff Sad. You can get the veto! We should be able to rally votes between us, no problem."

Kristoff: "Thanks Smile I'm gonna try my best to win it."

Baymax: "If I win I will heal you back to safety."

Kristoff: "Thank you!!"

It was now time to compete for the veto competition. Rev up your engines.

Power of Veto #3 (It's drive time!)

It's drive time!

Veto Players

- Cruella de Vil
- Peter Pan
- Kristoff
- Ursula
- Dopey
- Baymax

Tonight it's very simple. You want to travel the most miles at the end of the race.

You will make a new thread in your Diary Room with the title "It's drive time!" (quotation marks not a must)

In it you will post 20 times. The goal is to try and get target time stamps.

Point system

00:00:00 = 5 miles
00:00:01 = 1 mile
00:00:02 = - 2 miles
00:00:03 = 1 mile
00:00:04 = 6 miles
00:00:05 = 0 miles
00:00:06 = 2 miles
00:00:07 = 3 miles
00:00:08 = 0 miles
00:00:09 = -1 mile

* Note it's the seconds that matter.


- You can only start at 9:10 p.m. EST
- You have to have the right title for your thread
- You have 30 minutes


Baymax: "So we are only allowed to post 20 times correct? Even though it's 30 minutes long?"

Emma Swan: "Yes correct"

There was a lot of scrambling, Baymax was trying hard to look busy but he did not want this veto at all.


I can tell you the following 3 people did not win the Power of Veto


Peter Pan


Kristoff: "Dundundun"

Peter Pan: "gasp. I feel the suspense through my toes"

And the winner is

With 30 points


Please post your decision on this thread ASAP

Kristoff: "Ahhhhhh!! I'm using the POV on myself!"

Emma Swan: "Cruella, since Kristoff has used veto on one of your nominee, please post a replacement tonight."

Baymax: "I really thought I had that one. Congrats kristoff"

Cruella de Vil: "Good job...I am glad you got yourself off Kristoff.....That didn't sound right..."

Peter Pan: "Good job Kristof!"

Ursula: "Great job kristoff!!!"

Yzma: "Congrats Kristoff"

Queen Mombi: "Well done Kristoff"

Scar: "Nice job Kristoff!"

Kristoff: "Thanks everyone!"

Kristoff goes to the backroom dancing away in extacy. Baymax, Gretel and Abu join him.

Baymax: "You rock kristoff"

Kristoff: "How many did you get? It must've been close! Anyways, I'm excited! Now we hopefully don't have to worry about the vote too much."

Baymax: "I did not realize the -2 mark I would have had quite a bit more if I didn't hit that one.

Is anyone talking to cruella?"

Kristoff: "I did for a hot second and all she said was that she was gonna nominate someone popular. Did you see the post she accidentally put on the thread? Clearly she is nominating a girl."

Cruella joins with her villain friends, upset Peter didn't even try.

Yzma: "He just got here. So he missed the deadline I believe."

Cruella de Vil: "He must have more people than we think on his side. He is a sly one. He must think that Kristoff will go. I hope he goes. He was kind of rude to me too. I was only playing around and he got c@nty with me."

Scar: "He was rude to you Cruella? Wow."

Yzma: "From Peter

Hey Yzma, I know we haven't exactly touched base in this game. But I was hoping maybe I could count on your vote for keeping me? I mean, I did keep you safe last week Smile"

Cruella de Vil: "Yeah, Peter is a rude one. He is the only one I just don't like."

Yzma: "Wow I dont owe him nothing just because he didnt nominate me,"

Ursula: "Hey Ursula, I know we haven't really talked game before, but I was wondering how you were thinking about votes?

I kept you safe last week so all I ask is that if the veto isn't used on me, that you would atlas consider keeping me"

Yzma: "LMAO."

Cruella de Vil: "OMG he is so annoying."

Scar: "Oh wow... that's pretty funny. From Peter: I have Tiana, maybe Abu and Dopey. So thats 3. I think i can get Baymax.

Anyway, Can I share something with this room? Tiana makes me on edge a little.

She told me she is okay with Peter going, but then Peter says this, that he "has her vote". And last vote, she is the one who missed the vote. That's just a little red flag with me. I don't know."

Cruella de Vil: "I should nominate someone soon...what do you think?"

Ursula: "Abu?"

Yzma: "To get rid of peter maybe tiana or even dopey"

Cruella de Vil: "Yeah Tiana seems likely."

Yzma: "Abu would be a good one I think.
Nevermind about tiana she may go because she already won hoh"

Scar: "I agree on Tiana."

Ursula: "I am worried tiana would go though."

Scar: "Has Tiana talked to you about who she has in her corner? She kinda seems like she has a lot of people on her side. A good amount."

Cruella de Vil: "No she hardly says anything to me, but she is always lurking."

Ursula: "I haven't talked to her since she was hoh."

Cruella de Vil: "I am back and forth between Tiana and one of the quiet ones."

Scar: "The sketchy thing with her was that last round she asked me who all "kept" Cruella. And was trying to throw out a break-down of who all voted for who, like she was trying to run things by knowing what all I had heard as to how others voted. I just said I kept Cruella and that I didn't know what everyone else did."

Cruella de Vil: "Yeah, she is kind of making me mad. I am going to make my mind up in the next 15 minutes, so give me a final thought on who it should be."

Ursula: "She seems very good at challenges as well."

Scar: "She told me she won that first HOH. That I know for sure."

Cruella de Vil: "So are you OK with Tiana, Ursula?"

Ursula: "Yes"

Baymax's Diary Room

that worked out beautifully. Kristoff managed to take himself off and I haven't had to show my challenger skills off yet.

I hope the replacement isn't another companion.

Scar smells his chance, like the bad kitty he is, he jumps all over it with Cruella.

Cruella de Vil: "Who should I put up? I don't like doing this."

Scar: "Someone random like Abu or Pumba?

But I want Tiana gone personally, but now isn't the time. She has everyone's votes though, so she'd be safe. But I don't want her to be on guard just yet.

I'd say Pumba or Abu. Pumba has won veto before and you could mention that, I don't know.

Perhaps someone nobody cares about- I forget completely that Dopey is in this game. Maybe him? lol Damn, wish Tiana could go. Something about her is really sketchy. I can't put my finger on it."

Cruella de Vil: "The thing is Peter is an enemy now and I can't have him around."

Scar: "And I don't think Peter is actively against you actually. He just nominated you because he didn't know who to nominate. You could use that to your advantage. I heard multiple people tell me they wanted to keep you last round so "you would go after Peter". I think the people not on our side are counting on you going after him... It's the easy thing to do. But what a twist it would be if you maybe work with him instead? I know it sounds crazy, but I really don't think he has as many allies as he lets on."

Scar's Diary Room

Will Tiana be nominated? Oh my gosh! I want her gone soooo badly. She is in too many people's pockets. But for now I'm playing it like oh, Tiana's a good replacement so Peter goes. haha

Cruella is ready to make her decision public.

Cruella: "OK so here goes...I nominate

Nothing personal, but I have heard that you may not be with me and are a threat to my game. Good luck to you and Peter Pan.

The nomination ceremony is adjourned."

Tiana: "Interesting. I forgot to vote last round, so I wasn't a part of the 5 people who voted against you so I don't know where that's coming from.

Good luck Peter."

Cruella de Vil: "Honestly, a lot of characters have taken to me in the last few days. You have stayed on the sidelines. That concerns me. Anyhow, I wish you luck with the nominations."

Tiana: "Okay, good luck Peter"

Another late night game of cards, Gretel, Baymax, Kristoff and Abu react to the nominations.

Baymax: "Does anyone else think that keeping pan in the game would be beneficial to our game? I have no idea who tiana would put up but we know if pan won he would go after cruella again. So logically that is less of a chance of any of us getting put up "

Kristoff: "That's probably a smart thought. But, do we have the votes?"

Gretel: "That's a good point Baymax. Tiana would go for Cruella too so it's a win-win. I bet Tiana has the votes tho cuz I personally know her better than Pan. I'm glad Kristoff isn't up anymore! We all escaped this week Smile"

Abu: "seems like people view Pan as a bigger threat since Tiana can be inactive at times."

Kristoff: "Yeah I don't think we can save Pan."

Gretel: "True. "

A shocking replacement nomination. How will the house react? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 2 - Happily Never After.
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