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Post by Baymax on Thu 7 Apr - 23:57:32

I believe I am in a very good spot so far. I have made companions with a lot of good people, and the ones getting nominated/evicted just so happen to be the ones I don't talk to. So far so good!

I have a 4some with Abu, Kristoff and Gretel which is great because I wasn't talking to Gretel beforehand, but she reached out to me to let me know she also spoke to them.

Then there's my pal Scar who seems to be friends with the ones that are getting voted out, so I am glad I have him on my side so I can see what is going on on the other side.

And then I also still have a bond with Peter Pan, Pumba and Dopey, maybe a little bit with Tiana too.

Might be time to reach out to a new person soon, in case they win HoH.

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