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Post by Baymax on Mon 4 Apr - 22:12:41

I am doing my best to not break character, to anyone. I am running out of Baymax quotes but am playing up the role of a non threatening huggable robot and so far I think it is working.

Luckily Tiana was someone I sent a silly message to before she won HoH so I think I am safe for this first round.

Here is our conversation so far -

Tiana Mon 4 Apr - 18:43:50

Yes girl!

Baymax Mon 4 Apr - 18:43:07

My database tells me you are laughing out loud. Are you satisfied with my care?

Tiana Mon 4 Apr - 18:27:29


Baymax Mon 4 Apr - 18:26:50

Robots do not get excited. My neurotransmitter is telling me that people are having fun though!

Tiana Mon 4 Apr - 17:35:44

Excited to start the game?

Baymax Mon 4 Apr - 15:57:48

You are welcome princess.

Tiana Mon 4 Apr - 15:55:02

Hi Baymax! Aw thanks you're the sweetest!

From Baymax To Tiana, Yesterday at 15:11:47

Hello Tiana. Would you like a hug? If you ever need protecting I am here for you.


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