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Post by Baymax on Wed 27 Apr - 14:45:41

Well all my hard work to get me to where I am is about to fall flat on the most pivotal part of the game. I must leave town for a few days and will not be able to compete for HoH tonight, or if I do it will have to be from my mobile device, which is going to make this game fall apart for me. Tiana or Pumba will likely win HoH and I seem like the most likely to target. I hope not, but I will now have to rely on my social skills once again to make it to the end.

I see there is no challenge Friday, so as long as I can make it 1 more round, I believe I can rely on my challenge skills that I have been hiding from everyone to make it to the end. Here's to hoping either Gretel or Dopey win HoH tonight, or I can talk my way out of Tiana and Pumba's nominations. I have a good relationship with both, so it is possible!

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