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Post by Emma Swan on Sun 15 May - 15:20:29

NatKat's Big Brother Season 2
Happily Never After
Episode #33 - You Both Suck

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 16 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 16 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Tonight on NatKat's Big Brother Season 2 - Happily Never After, the only thing standing in the way now was 3 little Head of Household challenges. Tonight, we see all of them unfold and reveal our final 2.

Episode #33 - You Both Suck Tumblr_nby4dtLw0E1s2wio8o1_500


Gretel clutches on to her lucky socks, Baymax revs his engine and Pumba smells like bacon. Time for the first part of the final head of household of the season.

Gretel's Diary Room

We are down to the final 3! I need to figure out if both of them will actually take me to the final 2. My gut says yes? But you never know. My day got away from me in terms of trying in endurance which sucks b/c on any other day I could've begun at 5 am and gone until midnight. Now I didn't start until 5 pm, but I don't feel confident about winning part 2 so ugh. I'm totally going to blow my shot of winning this game Sad

Final Head of Household Part 1 (Colours of The Wind)

Episode #33 - You Both Suck Pocahontas_54137ec02a6b22378d99cacd

Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon

Probably not right?

I mean the entire song "Colours of The Wind" is pretty much about looking beyond the surface and embracing nature and different meanings.

For this last challenge, you will play
. You must be wondering why I even went on about this song and how this type of challenge relates to Pocahontas at all, well.....

This is not your normal endurance challenge. This time you will be given an extended deadline. Wut? Yes that's right. Here is how it will work.

Starting now, you have 36 hours to start the endurance challenge in your Diary Room. Please title the thread "Colours of The Wind". Once you make that thread, your timer starts. You will have to post in 10 minute intervals to keep your clock running. Once the last person finishes, I will see who lasted longest and that person will win the first part.

Here is an example of intervals so you know what I mean.

Interval 1: 6:00:00-6:09:59
Interval 2: 6:10:00-6:19:59
Interval 3: 6:20:00-6:29:59


Please read my words carefully, I said you have 36 hours to start. Which means if you start in 35 hours, you still go till you drop even if it goes over the 36 hours. Please try not to though, as I would love to have you guys doing part 2 and 3 before Sunday.

There's something else that needs to be announced. During the Pandora Veto, Gretel won an endurance power which means that 1 hour will be added to her final time. SO if she goes for 3 hours, it will end up being 4 hours that Pumba and Baymax have to beat.


- Make the thread in your diary room
- Title it Colours of The Wind
- Remember that the minute you make the thread, your time starts. I know some of you like to make a thread for the challenge in advance and then post answers later, not this time. As soon as I see it, your clock starts.


Episode #33 - You Both Suck 3259556-pocahontas-3-373x400

Pumba: "I'd like to officially use the power I won in my 2nd veto comp that adds 4 months to my time. So if you want to beat me, you'll need to last 4 months and a day. Good luck all!"

Emma Swan: "<3"

After long hours of confinement.

Pumba's Diary Room

I'm in the homestretch of this thing. I just told Gretel I only lasted a little over an hour. She has that advantage so the goal is to make her feel comfortable enough to take it easy. Meanwhile, I have an office job where I sit at a computer all day, so I can literally do this for 9 hours.

She came up with the idea that we should both offer Baymax a F2. This is most likely just because she has F2's with both of us and wants to cover her tracks. I just want to go on record and say 'I'm on to you Gretel!'

If I were to win the final HOH, I'm undecided who I would take. But I'm leaning towards Baymax right now.

Stay tuned!

Gretel's Diary Room

So I don't even know why I am doing this endurance challenge, they are all going to go for way longer than me even with my 1 hour advantage. The positive is that at least I haven't lost any sleep yet Very Happy

With 15.5 hours, the winner of part 1 is
. Congratulations you did very well.

I will get back with details about part 2. I may make it a weekend challenge.

Gretel: "Good job!"

Baymax: "congrats Pumba!"

Pumba: "Thanks guys, good luck in round 2!"

Baymax was a bit annoyed Pumba lied to him about his time.

Pumba: "I just don't know where you stand so I didn't want to give anything away, but I also wasn't trying to "trick" you into stopping early or anything."

Baymax: "I do not know where you stand either."

Pumba: "Yeah I've gotten that vibe from you.

I've beaten around the bush a bit, but I'd like to go to the end with you"

Baymax: "I think Gretel has the best chance of winning the jury over so logically it would make sense to take each other."

Pumba: "I can't argue that. She got Tiana out."

Baymax: "She is the nicest person ever to talk to as well, so I imagine her jury management was way better than ours."

Pumba: "Oh she's fantastic! Very easy to talk to"

Speaking of Gretel, Pumba decided to go make nice with her too.

Pumba: "I wasn't trying to be shady with you, I promise, but I figured just in case you'd tell Baymax, I had to keep my story straight."

Gretel: "haven't told him a thing!! I understand and you have reason not to cuz I did nominate you that one time, but I hope you do know I promise if I win the last HOH i am bringing you Smile"

Pumba: "I trust you, I just wanted to keep my own stuff secret lol. Sorry! I didn't try to sway you to stop bc I didn't want to be shady, just private."

Gretel: "No apologies needed! It's that time in the game Smile

Before I thought it was all on me, so it's a relief! Getting nervous lol. I'm terrible under pressure! But if I win part 2, we did it!! Smile"

Pumba: "Good luck!!!"

Baymax's Diary Room

I was completely ready to go all night long and win this challenge, but I messed up by gapping out on copying movies over to my flash drive so I could watch them on my TV while playing the challenge Sad

This is the worst. I guess this means Gretel and I will be going head to head in the next challenge.

I hate myself so much right now!!

Episode #33 - You Both Suck AngelOrDevil

Final Head of Household Part 2 - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Episode #33 - You Both Suck Screen-Shot-2015-05-11-at-19.31.05

A picture dreams are made from.

Reminder that this is only a challenge for Baymax and Gretel

Most of us saw this picture above when we were young and felt a lot of glee in our hearts and dreams of one day visiting Disneyland.

We're not visiting it tonight obviously, but you will be using pictures to ignite your brain cells. You are solving a crossword puzzles with picture clues. Some are quite straight forward while others are on the vague side.

Puzzle: https://imgur.com/VA3R2k3
Across Clues: https://imgur.com/ovlpFqu
Down Clues: https://imgur.com/s3g8CBV

Answer Sheet






- You have 1 hour
- You can only submit once
- First to get them all right or most in the shortest amount of time wins
- If the answer is 2 words, I put them together (you split them up though when you answer. I.E. juliaroberts as the answer, you would submit Julie Roberts.)

Good luck, the winner will dual Pumba in the final part right after this round ends. (Around 9:15 p.m. EST)

Episode #33 - You Both Suck A903a18e35c22b1fbbf9d99b9223eefd

Baymax: "Did I get some wrong? darnit."

Pumba: "A little late, but good luck guys!"

Gretel: "I have always hated crosswords since I was a little kid, could never solve them lol.

What are we waiting on?"


You both got a perfect score but one of you followed all the rules while one of you didn't.

- If the answer is 2 words, I put them together (you split them up though when you answer. I.E. juliaroberts as the answer, you would submit Julia Roberts.)

The winner is


Congratulations, you will face off against Pumba at 9:15 (unless you are both here and ready now)

Baymax: "oh no.. i read that rule as you were supposed to keep the words together Sad .Congratulations Gretel."

Pumba: "I'm ready now, the sooner the better for me

Good job Gretel"

Gretel: "wow, was not expecting to win cuz I was really slow.

I am ready now too!"

Emma Swan: "I'm sorry Baymax I hate to be a stickler Sad"

Pumba: "Good luck Gretel"

Gretel: "good luck Pumba!"

Baymax: "I get that it was a rule and accept my loss but for future reference if it is a final challenge like this, getting the right answer should be what is most important. it is like in playoffs for sports, referees tend to look the other way on small things.

It is not like i made any spelling errors, just did not add the space. but it was in the rules so all is fair!

Best of luck to you guys!!"

Emma Swan: "I understand and it's funny because it was the reason I didn't say capitalization counts etc. I was trying to be ~flexible~. Thanks for understanding though."

Pumba and Gretel celebrate while Baymax goes to fuel up and is out of sight.

Pumba: "You did it!!!!"

Gretel: "yay!! we did it Very Happy"

Pumba: "So, forgive me for even asking, but we are good for F2 right?"

Gretel: "100%. I will ask too, good on your end? Smile"

Pumba: "101% lol"

Gretel: "haha <3

hopefully this starts soon!"

Baymax and Gretel get a session of love in before the final part sets to start.

Baymax: "I will help you with the final HoH if you want, and being that I royally effed up both challenges this round I am not even going to bother trying to beat you in the final jury phase if you decide to take me. You deserve this win much more than I do. "

Gretel: "thanks!! Don't be hard on yourself, I thought I lost this one too for going slow and I felt the same on endurance. Not a good round."

Final Head of Household Part 3 - (He Said/She Said)

Episode #33 - You Both Suck F9f11507a6ee830fe30a24e36f15bed2

For this challenge, we asked the pre jurors a set of questions and the jurors another set of questions. Most answered and those answers will be used for this challenge.

Each round, I will show you an answer to a question and you must tell me who said it. You will be given 4 options.


- You can only submit once per round
- You answer with the letter
- You answer on this thread
- If you both get it right, it will go to the person who got it the fastest
- First to 4 points will win the final Head of Household and secure a spot in finals.


First up at 9:05

Round #1

When asked: Who would have been another character you would have liked to play as?

Who said: I don't really know too many Disney characters like that, I just picked at random but I'll throw in Peter Pan just for idk.

A) Tiana
B) Cruella de Vil
C) Hades
D) Cinderella

Pumba: "C"

Gretel: "A"

Emma Swan: "You both got it wrong, it was Cinderella. Next up at 9:10. "

Round #2

When Cruella de Vil was asked: What is your favourite hot beverage?

She answered:

A) Coffee, black
B) Tea
C) Hot water
D) Warm milk

Gretel: "A"

Pumba: "A"

Emma Swan: "You both suck, she said Tea. Next at 9:12"

After a few more rounds, a winner was finally crowned.

The answer was

Cruella which means that Gretel wins the final Head of Household title. Congratulations Gretel. You have carved yourself a spot in finals and now you must decide if you will sit there with Pumba and Baymax. I will make you a thread.

Pumba, you did amazing, congrats to you as well making it this far.

Baymax, it was a rule away for you, congrats as well.

Baymax and Pumba, I wish you both good luck

Pumba: "Smoked me! Great job Gretel"

Baymax: "Gretel for the win!! What a flawless game you have played. Much respect.

Pumba you did great too!"

Gretel: "Thank you both! This is the 3rd round in a row where I have to decide who goes and let me just say it never gets easier."

Pumba: "I need to start asking people what their favorite warm drink is lol"

Baymax takes Gretel aside

Baymax: "Hey, you can be honest with me, would you rather take Pumba? Because I would feel happy with taking 3rd place if it makes it easier for you. I say this sincerely because I do not really care for the jury phase of this game. I can leave happy knowing I made it this far and I would be a for vote for you to win because you made this game more enjoyable for me than anyone ever could."

Episode #33 - You Both Suck 430363_284611944932315_184225301637647_796863_586931873_n

Gretel: "what!

I am struggling a little tbh cuz I think you played a flawless game and I'd be kicking myself later if I had a shot and ruined it. I want to win one of these games! My past few games I have had really bad mistakes, but my heart is with you so I am torn.

Are you sure you are ok with third?"

Baymax: "Yeah if you think you have a better chance at winning over Pumba go for it!!

I do not take these games as serious as most do, I had so much fun with you and Abu, Kathy did such a great job I am super content with where I am in the game."

Baymax's Diary Room

My whole game is ruined based on this final HoH. Both rounds I lost because of my own faults and errors. I have gone from playing a first place game to a second place game, and I will accept that, I just hope either will take me with them!

On second thought, I just had an epiphany. I am totally fine with taking third place. I think I would rather be apart of the jury than be grilled by everyone.

I am super content with making it as far as I did, and really want Gretel to win.

Eviction Ceremony #14

HOH - Gretel
Nominees - Pumba and Baymax

Episode #33 - You Both Suck Abenlryz

For one of you, it's about to be a Happily Never After ending. This person will become the seventh and final juror and have a role in deciding on the winner.

Once again Gretel walks in with tears in her eyes but this time she has the face of someone who is relieved this is the last time she needs to stab someone.
With deep respect, I vote to evict.....

You played a truly fantastic game my companion.

Only 1 vote this round

By a vote of

We say goodbye to the lovely


Episode #33 - You Both Suck RBVaGlYfJfqATPQRAACJc7tdUqA087

Episode #33 - You Both Suck Latest?cb=20130620193125&path-prefix=es

Thank you so much for joining. Early on I knew that you were going to go far, I even predicted a possible win for you. I just felt like it was your time. I think you ended up benefiting more from the relationships you made in this game and it gave you more satisfaction than notching another challenge wins. I can't say I don't get it, I have been there myself. You really did play a great game and I know you have many more great ones to come.

Pumba, Gretel, one of you is going to win this one, who will it be?



Pumba: "Thank you Gretel!"

Baymax: "<3"

On his way out, Baymax shares a few words of advice while hugging Pumba.

Pumba: "Great game Baymax!"

Baymax: "I asked to be voted out. Good luck! You are going to need it for my vote Wink

moiahahaha <3"

Pumba: "I'll need it for a lot of votes"

Baymax: "I really enjoyed playing with you. I just wish you had reached out to me as much as I did with you. I began to lose trust when I heard you were working with Tiana and weren't opening up to me the times I messaged you. You were hard to read but at the same time we still managed to get along all the way to the end."

Pumba: "I wish that too. It's funny, I liked you pretty much from the start, but there was so much flip-flopping going on from people I tried to play pretty guarded. But you'll see in my DR as recent as before the endurance comp that I was leaning towards taking you if I won. That pretty much changed though out the last few days"

Pumba and Gretel were now alone in the house and had a nice bottle of champagne to celebrate it.

Gretel: "Congrats officially on F2 Very Happy

Good luck!!"

Pumba: "Thank you! I'll admit, I was getting worried"

Episode #33 - You Both Suck Image

Gretel: "Well I guess I understand that lol since I nominated you that one time, but after this is all over you will see my personality and that I do crazy things sometimes to get to the end result."

Pumba: "Baymax said he asked to be voted out?"

Episode #33 - You Both Suck Crickets-e1415832052789

Baymax's Diary Room

As a true hero would, I have sacrificed the rest of my game to make Gretel's decision easier, and hopefully gave her the best chance at winning.

I respectfully bow out at third place, and am so happy with the game I played. I may not have made finals, but I think this was one of my best performances. I wish I had stayed in character more, but I think I did enough to hide my usual antics. This game was a challenge in the sense that I did not go for as many challenge wins as I usually do. I relied on my social and strategic game and am proud of how well it worked out.

Thank you for such a fun and exciting game, Kathy! You did a wonderful job.

Baymax out.

There you have it, Gretel and Pumba are the official final 2 contenders and one of them will win it all. Who will it be? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 2 - Happily Never After.
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