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Post by Cinderella on Thu 12 May - 19:56:30

First off, I think you both did a great job and you'd both be deserving winners. When I left, you two and Tiana were the 3 I was rooting for so I'm really happy with this final 2.

Now my vote came down to a few things.

1. Who's game do I respect more?
2. Who was more loyal to me during my time in the game?
3. Do I feel like I owe my vote to anyone?

Gretel, I think you played an amazing game and I actually think you'll win but I have to go with Pumba. He was the person I trusted the most in this game, I loved that he made it here without backstabbing anyone, and I was never able to do anything for him while I was in the game because I was never HOH and he always vetoed himself so I couldn't so this is the least I can do.

Best of luck to the both of you.

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