In the Finals!!

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In the Finals!!

Post by Pumba on Tue 10 May - 10:10:23

I made it! It took 15.5 hours of posting, and Gretel (seemingly for once) keeping her word but here I am.

In case you were wondering, had I won Round 3 of the final HOH, I would have taken Gretel. I felt a stronger bond with her towards the end than I did with Baymax. Baymax didn't really seem to have too much interest in talking with me towards the end, whether that is because he didn't trust me, he was closer with Gretel, or both.

Either way, I'm here and now it's time to try to talk some sense into the jury. It seems like Gretel had multiple deals going on (like I suspected) so I will try to play that up a little bit (if anyone ever asks a question!)

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