Episode #24 - Abdomax

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Episode #24 - Abdomax

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 1 May - 19:17:14

NatKat's Big Brother Season 2
Happily Never After
Episode #24 - Abdomax

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 16 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 16 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Tonight on NatKat's Big Brother Season 2 - Happily Never After, all the villains were gone, the games were officially started in the backstabbing department. Who would be the first casualty?


It was time for them to flex some muscles in the veto challenge.

Kristoff's Diary Room

Yzma went home which was a huge relief. I nominated her three times so she definitely would've been coming after me.

Abu and Kristoff find themselves alone in the pool.

Abu: "Hey Kristoff. How's everything? There's a couple of things I wanted to discuss privately with you. Hope you don't mind."

Kristoff: "Hey! I'd love that Smile Go for it!"

Abu: "People stopped responding to me, and I play enough games to know this isn't a good sign. So I'm assuming I'm in danger to go soon? I know it's all part of the game, so I can take it."

Kristoff: "To be honest, some people thought you were aligned with Yzma. Is this true? People wanted you nominated last round but I wouldn't do it."

Abu: "Dam, no wonder people stopped talking to me. No, I wasn't working with Yzma, I voted her out last round. Thanks for looking out for me, Kristoff."

Kristoff: "No problem! I plan on staying loyal to our alliance with Baymax and Gretel Smile"

Abu: "if there's anything i can do to return the favor, let me know, Kristoff."

Kristoff: "We're good <3 Are you gonna try for HOH?"

Abu: "oh yeah definitely, quite a few people stopped talking to me, so I guess I'm in a precarious position."

Kristoff: "I would love it for you to win <3 Show those bitches!"

Gretel gave some words of encouragement to Baymax and Abu on their way to the challenge.

Gretel: "Good luck guys, this HOH is entirely within our control so let's do this"

Abu: "Thanks Gretel. wish i have more time. I fell through my attic and need to get the drywall ceiling replaced tomorrow:("

Gretel: "Wait what? Are you ok? Sad that sucks"

Abu: "yeah I was able to hang onto one of the beams, but it's a mess with drywall and insulation everywhere Smile"

Baymax: "You are a monkey of course you hung from the rafters!!"

Abu: "Well I was born the year of the monkey, according to Chinese zodiac. Looks like it's us 3 and Pumba working on this."

The Wizard Challenge #10 (Manage your Emotions)

Meet the little voices inside your head.

Sorry for being late tonight, I was stuck on a call. So we will officially start this challenge at 8:30 p.m. EST.

Very simple and you had some practice yesterday during the power of veto challenge.

You are tasked with cleaning out your memories. Every post your make is one emotion/memory properly stored.

The goal is to finish with the most posts by the deadline.

Since this is a Wizard power and the winner is anonymous, I ask that you all stay in hidden mode throughout this time so that no one can figure out who's on trying.


- You have 24 hours starting at 8:30 p.m. EST tonight
- You can post as much as you can and your post content is irrelevent
- If your thread goes to read only, start a new one
- Title your threads "Manage your Emotions"


Pumba: "If someone doesn't know how to go on hidden mode, could you tell them? I mean, of course I know, but there might be others who don't"

Baymax: ""asking for a friend""

Gretel: "Profile/Preferences/Change Online Status To Hidden"

Emma Swan: "I hid all the ones that were not hidden but thank you Gratin."

Gretel: "It's Gretel! Wink"

Emma Swan: "I had cheese on my mind :p"

Since this was such a long challenge, Gretel and Kristoff decided to play a little game and chat at the same time.

Kristoff: "Abu talked to me the other night and he said he felt no one liked him anymore. I told him that our F4 with him and Baymax was still my #1"

Gretel: "He said something similiar to me earlier and I also reassured him. I've been slacking on talking to him and others but everyone in the game seems quieter lately."

Kristoff: "I know the feeling. I hope both of escape nominations unscathed."

Abu was checking in on his alliance about this HOH.

Baymax: "i am already on 7 pages."

Gretel: "Baymax <3 there is no way I can catch up to you but that means no one else can either Very Happy

One thing I thought of that could help with Kristoff's loyalty. Abu, you should show him that PM from Yzum. We could imply it was Pumba and he will then be against Pumba and Dopey first!

I personally think it had to have been Pumba cuz Yzum before she left said Pumba would keep her if I did...he is playing all sides and may be with Dopey too.

Everyone is so dangerous!"

Abu: "I know you like Kristoff, Gretel. But strategically I think it's best to break him and Tiana apart first. If you are worried that he is upset, Bay and I can take the blame. however i'm afraid if we get either Tiana or Kristoff out this round, whoever is left over will rally the others against us three. another option is for Bay to put me and Dopey up. Hopefully Kristoff will agree to keep and we get rid of Dopey. But there's no guarantee we will get another shot at taking out Kristoff/Tiana"

Baymax: "Abu do not lose sight of our goal. We have wanted Tiana and Kristoff our for a long time! If we put Dopey or Pumba up we will lose their trust. T and K both need to be up together and stay together otherwise they will convince the others to keep the other and both with stay."

Abu: "ok i understand, that is a more dangerous duo."

Baymax: "Kristoff excluded you from our alliance and will nominate you next time he wins plus he is a challenge beast I am shocked you do not want him gone asap"

Abu: "I'm perfectly fine with getting him out,Bay. Just too many dangerous players left so we gotta explore our options carefully. It's kinda like pick your poison."

Gretel: "It really is. I see us 3 and then the other 2 duos. It seems Kristoff and Pumba are the best challenge players.

I wanna know if you got this but no one is on and I gotta go soon Sad"

Baymax: "Yeah what is going on here. Where are our hosts!

You are right about Pumba being good at challenges, but if he gave HoH to Yzma that means he wants Tiana out too. I think we have common interests that is why I think we need him around to get the other threats out first."

The players were met one by one until the winner arrived.

You have won the Wizard Power. You have till morning to pick your pick for the Head of Household. It can be yourself or anyone in this cast. You must PM me your choice on this forum. Who you tell about this is up to you.

Baymax: "I will be HoH this round. Everyone already knows I won anyways thanks to the post counts."

They both walk out to announce the big news.

Your Tenth Head of Household



Please use the thread I will make you in the "Wizard's Lair" to post your nominations at your earliest convenience. You will have till tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 p.m. EST to nominate.

Tiana: "Congrats Baymax!"

Baymax: "Thank you. Without the influence of others I am going to process my nominations while I recharge over night and come back fresh tomorrow."

Kristoff: "Congrats Baymax!"

He had a lot of companions to talk with.

Baymax: "I feel so ashamed. Who spends their Friday night posting the same thing over and over again for hours on end? This robot that's who!"

Gretel: "It shows you have heart and that you are a great alliance member! I would've if I didn't already have plans."

Enough time had passed. Baymax was asked to make his nominations.

Hello, I am Baymax your health care companion. I am basing my decision tonight on how I have perceived the game so far.  I have not had the chance to have this kind of responsibility until now, and I do not want to let it go to waste.

you are safe

you are safe

you are safe

you are safe

That means
Kristoff and Tiana
you are both nominated. I respect both of your games, but when
Kristoff saved Tiana
it was very telling. My neurotransmitter levels indicate that this is the right thing to do to make this anyone's game again.

I look forward to playing in the PoV with both of you!

Dopey: "Thanks Baymax <3 , and may I add , on a personal note, how delighted I am to see Krystoff on the block. If there's anything I can do to facilitate his demise , just let me know Very Happy Very Happy"

Tiana: "Understandable. Good luck in the Veto Kristoff."

Veto Player Selection

I will need Baymax, Tiana and Kristoff to pick 1 numbers between 1-4. Each number is assigned to a player. Your selections will join you to compete in the next veto challenge. You have until 6:00 p.m. EST tonight.

Tiana: "I'll go with 4.

Kristoff: "Oh Dopey. Bitterness looks so unbecoming on you. I'll do 3"

Dopey: "I'm not bitter Wink , I'm happy...actually Happy is another dwarf, but you know what I mean ! All I wanted to do was make it to the last 6 , looks like I have a small chance of achieving this Very Happy

All happiness aside, best of luck in Veto."

Kristoff: "Thanks"

Baymax: "2"

Number 4 aligns with Gretel

Number 3 aligns with Abu

Number 2 aligns with Dopey

Veto Players


Of course not everyone was happy.

Gretel: "Agh, just saw it. He flipped!"

Kristoff: "What a fücker"

Gretel: "You HAVE to get the veto Sad

Kristoff: "I will be here. You try for it too <3"

Baymax wanted to get Abu and Dopey together to explain why he nominated without really talking it out.

Baymax: "Hi Dopey and Abu. I hope you are okay with my nominations. I did this for my reasons stated, but also because Kristoff decided to add me to a group room that excluded both you, and had everyone else in it -

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Post by Neal Cassidy on Thu 21 Apr - 17:59:07


I did not want to say anything right away until I knew what to do about it. You guys have been on the same page as me this whole game and I wanted to show my appreciation by giving us a chance to break down their alliance and give us all a fighting chance!

Kristoff has turned on people at the drop of a hat, we need to get him out this round if we can. He wants both of you out so he needs to go."

Dopey: "Thanks Baymax for all the info , keeping us safe etc. Just let me know if I can do anything. Do you think I went too far with my post ? I wasn't nasty , simply truthful....."

Baymax: "I think it is quite funny! You did not go too far. I am actually surprised neither of the nominations have blown up.

Will you be here for PoV? We need to make sure these two stay on the block!"

Dopey: "Go Team Abdomax !!!!"

Tiana fed up with everyone's jealousy decides to take a nap. It's not too long before she gets pig visit.

Tiana: "I really am getting paranoid in this game honestly. I know Cruella & Scar both posted negative things about me which makes me think someone in the game trashed me.

That, added with the vote scandal when Cindy and I voted opposite everyone else, and now this has me thinking that someone is playing all of us and I was just the scapegoat and they are keeping me around to be a fall guy for them...

But I'm not the person!"

Pumba: "That's why I use this room the most. You're pretty much the person I trust the most."

Kristoff's Diary Room

Ugh. I should've seen this coming. Nominated again. It's funny, I kept Baymax safe THREE times. Whatever.

Tiana's Diary Room

What a bummer! I'm nominated yet again against Kristoff this time. I don't mind losing Kristoff who has won plenty of competitions.

My goal is for nominations to stay the same and Pumba/Gretel vote out Kristoff which will help me get to the end.

It was a very unexpected round, but the fire was ignited, the calm would never be felt again. Which top dog would survive this round? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 2 - Happily Never After.
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