Episode #21 - Pumba Know It All

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Episode #21 - Pumba Know It All

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 1 May - 19:16:01

NatKat's Big Brother Season 2
Happily Never After
Episode #21 - Pumba Know It All

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 16 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 16 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Tonight on NatKat's Big Brother Season 2 - Happily Never After, Yzma was finally getting to put her word and stamp on this game. How will all end?


Cinderella was very upset and crying in the Diary Room.

Cinderella's Diary Room

Being on the block SUCKS! I don't think I'm going to get off so I need to do the only thing I can at this point, kiss BOOTY. What I do have working for me is that I've never won a challenge and I've just been going with the flow. I've never been the one calling the shots so I'm hoping people won't see me as a threat.

Tiana on the other hand, has played more aggressively, has an HOH under her belt, and the evicted players seem to think she's trouble.

I'm trying to lay low, not make any waves, and just hope and pray that the others see Tiana as the bigger threat and will evict her over me.

Abu and Gretel share a banana on the patio.

Gretel: "Hey Abu! Hope your day is going well Smile

What are you thinking on this vote? I am having conflicting thoughts if I'm being honest....Tiana is a big threat but Cinderella may be more social and dangerous to us.

I get the sense from that room that while Tiana is close to Cinderella, it's really a Cinderella/Pumba thing. I'm remembering before I got added to that room when Tiana was HOH week 1 that she told me together, Cinderella/Pumba came to her and then the heroes thing came about.

Part of me wonders if we shouldn't leave Tiana in as a shield for you/me/Bay.

Let me know what you think please Smile"

Abu: "that's true, Gretel. Tiana is pretty much by her self now, since Cruella exposed her during the rant. I also had a feeling Pumba and Cinderella might be together from awhile ago. I definitely think we should see how POV goes, and then discuss it with Bay if you're ok with that."

Gretel: "Ok that sounds good! We are both thinking the same way Smile

I get scared talking to Bay sometimes cuz I don't want to reference my gut feeling comes from that room that he isn't in lol. I hate hiding things!! But us 3 should all be on the same page of course."

Abu: "do you want me to talk to him individually about it? I've had some success with him before.

Gretel: "if you want to, but we all can together too Smile

Gretel's Diary Room

It's a little bit before the veto and I'm putting some feelers out to try and keep Tiana in the game with Abu and Kristoff. We shall see! If I get a bad vibe though and sense I'm losing trust/loyalty, I will switch so fast Tiana won't see the bus coming. I hate that about how I play sometimes Sad

It was now time for this very important power of veto.

Power of Veto #8 - (Which Seat Should I Take?)

a Little, Small

Veto Players


No this is not about the Rebecca Black song, it's about Goldilocks and the 3 bears.

We will be playing musical chairs. Don't get stuck with the small chair or you will be eliminated.


- Once I post "Go" , post on this thread as fast as you can. (Post anything)
- Last one to post each round is eliminated until only one is standing.
- Each round lasts 60 seconds. If you do not post in that 60 seconds, you're eliminated

First round can start any time after 8:33

Baymax: "gosh darnit i never get picked."

Pumba: "This should be fun on a phone lol"

After a few rounds.

Emma Swan: "Congratulations Kristoff, you are the last one standing. You know the drill, please decide on this thread what you want to do with the veto."

Pumba: "Congrats Kristoff!"

Tiana: "Good job!"

Cinderella: "Congrats Kristoff. Veto me if you wish...I'd appreciate it."

Baymax: "Excellent work, Kristoff!"

Tiana wastes no time and flocks to Kristoff right away

Tiana: "I'd really appreciate if you saved me. I'm 100% loyal to this alliance and have been since the beginning. You are both my closest allies here."

Kristoff: "I wanna save you! I'm trying to get Yzma to tell me who will go up in your spot. If it's Gretel, we'd just be back in the same spot"

Tiana: "True, it would probably be Pumba since he nominated her. Also, Pumba/Cinderella are a duo anyways."

Kristoff: "Hmmm true"

Gretel's Diary Room

I may be more devastated that Tiana lost veto than Tiana is!!! I want Kristoff to use it but he needs to reply to me in order for me to try to convince him....-_-

Gretel pulls Kristoff aside to make sure she gets her 2 cents in.

Gretel: "GOOD JOB!!!

What are you thinking?"

Kristoff: "Idk I wanna use it but idk who Yzma would nominate. What do you think?"

Gretel: "I sort of think you should too actually. Tiana seems to be a loner now outside of us and it'd break up Cinderella/Pumba. I could see her doing Pumba. Obvi worst case is me."

Kristoff: "Okay I'm gonna use it then"

They head back with the group.

Kristoff: "Thanks guys. I've decided to use the POV on

Cinderella: "Congrats Tiana!!"

Tiana: "Thanks Kristoff!"

Abu: "congrats Tiana."

Tiana: "Thanks Abu"

Baymax: "Hooray the princess is safe!"

Gretel whispers to Kristoff

Gretel: "If I do go up and out, I will be so mad lol but it could be a good risk I think if this works!"

Kristoff: "I'm nervous!!"

Gretel: "Just don't give Yzum any indication you don't want me nomd so he doesn't lump me in with Cindy or Tiana. I am nervous too!"

Yzma had to go think about this a little and get an idea from her allies.

Gretel's Diary Room

I just volunteered myself to go on the block to Yzum.

Why would I do this you ask? Well I know I have the votes....and it gets rid of the 'never been nominated' stigma come final 6/5 when it is WAY more risky to go up. It could flish Abu's double vote to help me and I wouldn't anger Cinderella by voting against her. I want to go on the block!! what!! Wink

Yzma: "I want cinderella gone. I want to put someone up who will stay. Baymax is very upset so im going to try to go another way. I would prefer not to become another persons target"

Abu: "yeah i understand. if you need too, you can put me up."

Yzma: "No thats okay I dont want to chance but thank you for offering. I think im going to put up gretel I dont talk to her much other than to beg for me to stay. According to kristoff he thinks cinderella has some sort of power thats why he saved tiana"

Abu: "well thank you, Yzma. But you want Cinderella out right?"

Yzma: "Yes please. She voted for me to go in that last round with Tiana so shes against me."

Abu: "alright I'll see if we get can enough votes against Cinderella."

Yzma: "I am talking to some people to see who they are voting"

Abu: "ok I let me know, thanks Yzma"

Meanwhile everyone else was on edge.

Dopey: "Hey guys , looks like Yzma is gunning down the people who voted for her last round lol , which is good, cause it keeps us safe Wink . Let's keep our fingers crossed that none of us are a replacement nom !"

Baymax: "Yes I couldn't believe how well they worked out for all of us! Them voting against yzma last round was perfect."


Cinderella: "Pumba, please work it. Get to Yzma and get her to backdoor someone else. I don't want to be up against you."

Tiana: "Please do. Try to get Abu up he's the one who crossed us."

Pumba: "Should I give up Abu or Gretel?"

Tiana: "Abu, Gretel was honest with her vote but didn't know the others were voting Mombi."

Pumba: "Keep your fingers crossed"

Cinderella: "Yeah and he's just sliding by week after week. You've been a target, on the block twice, and have won challenges. You're more useful to her because you can keep her safe."

Pumba: "I offered to keep her safe and vote you out, but I didn't mean it. I'm just trying to stay off lol"

Tiana: "I heard she wants Cindy out."

Pumba: "That's what she told me"

Tiana: "All we need is 1 vote if you can be safe Pumba"

Pumba: "She seems open to it, but she could just be BS'ing me"

Tiana: "Who would she nominate?"

Pumba: "She didn't take the Abu bait I don't think"

Tiana: "What about Dopey?"

Pumba: "We'll see but I think this could work. She's on to Tiana and Kristoff though (obviously lol)"

Cinderella: "Don't suggest Dopey, they're tight. She's not putting him up guaranteed."

Pumba: "Abu is the only name I mentioned and I regret even doing that"

Tiana: "Kristoff didn't even vote with me or tell me his vote last round lol I was surprised he saved me. I think it's because everyone dislikes me now pretty much because of Cruella and scar so I pretty much have no chance to win at this point because everyone thinks I'm a liar which couldn't be further from the truth lol"

Cinderella: "Pumba, how would you feel about me throwing you under the bus to Yzma? Basically telling her to put you up because I'll stay over you. It's basicAlly reverse psychology, I think it'll add more credence to the idea that you'd be willing to vote me off.

I already gave her a final plea speech about keeping me but I didn't mention any names."

Pumba: "I don't know if that would work"

Cinderella: "Okay, I just felt like if she wants me out so badly, she'll do the opposite of what I say but I won't do it."

Pumba: "I see where it could work, I think she's panicking now."

Yzma was ready to let everyone know who the replacement nominee would be.

Yzma: "Sorry it took so long.

Im going to nominate Gretel.

Good luck Cinderella and Gretel"

Gretel: "Sad

I would really like to stay but good luck Cinderella!"

Cindrella: "^^Same^^"

The nominations are set in stone

Cinderella & Gretel you are both nominated for eviction tonight. Your peers now have until 7:00 p.m. EST on Thursday April 21st to vote for one of you to be evicted in their Diary Room.

Good Luck!

Remember that failure to vote means you cannot play in the next Wizard Challenge or be Head of Household.

Baymax, Abu, Gretel and Kristoff relax a little in the backyard on the couch. Abu has picked up smoking while in the house but the others stay off to the side because the smell grosses them out.

Baymax: "Good job on winning, K-town!"

Kristoff: "Thank you!!"

Abu: "good job Kristoff."

Gretel: "Congrats!"

Kristoff: "Well I thought Pumba would go up :/ But we've got 3 votes here so we only need one more!"

Baymax: "we've been getting off pretty lightly in this game but luckily we have numbers on our side, so Gretel isn't going anywhere"

Gretel: "Sad it sucks going up

thank you guys!! I will try to speak to others too."

Baymax: "all it takes is the 3 of us as Yzma will evict Cinderella in the event of a tie.

Abu: "alright let's stick together and make sure Gretel is safe guys.

Gretel: "I really appreciate it!!"

Tiana, Cinderella and Pumba hide to dance in glee.

Cinderella: "Way to stay off the block Pumba!!  Now, to get the votes to save me Smile  I'm still trying to make peace with Yzma.  Hopefully that works.  If not, I'm going to try with everyone and plus my vote nullifier."

Tiana: "I think this is worst case scenario besides Pumba. I hear Gretel is like loved by everyone"

Cinderella: "More reason to get her out. She's the perfect pawn."

Tiana: "6 voters. You need 3 votes plus your nullifier."

Cinderella: "Yes, 3 votes and I'm good Smile  I'm not getting Dopey. Trust me, he's up Yzma's BOOTY so I can most likely void his vote."

Tiana: "I think you need to work on Baymax or Abu"

Cinderella: "Will do"

Kristoff goes to the kitchen to eat his emotions away. His best friend is on the block and he feels partly responsible. Gretel comes in and helps him make a PB and Banana sandwich that they can share.

Kristoff's Diary Room

What a difference a day can make. I won the POV which was so fantastic. I ended up using it on Tiana, because I just feel like she's feeling how expendable she is to the alliance when she was close to the chop this week. I think she'll be loyal to me as well since I saved her.

Yzma nominating Gretel was like a slow motion car crash. Just devastating. I think we have the votes to keep her though and apparently new phone, who dis Dopeys vote was the one voided and he's a waste of space anyways. Fingers crossed Gretel stays..

Kristoff: "Ugh I hope you survive."

Gretel: "Me too!"

Kristoff: "Me too. The anticipation is killing me. So, do you think Abu is really with Dopey & Yzma?

Gretel: "I think Abu talks to them but so far it seems Baymax and Abu want to F4 with us. I haven't gotten a sense of anything else. How do you feel?

Neither Abu or Baymax seem to be trying in competitions either.

Kristoff: "Yeah Baymax seems solid with us but idk about Abu. I might talk to Baymax about how he feels about Abu and maybe we could make a room with Pumba/Tiana/Baymax

Gretel: "Good idea! Do you feel good about Pumba?"

Kristoff: "Yeah I do. He seems cool and trustworthy."

Gretel: "ok great Smile"

Cinderella and Abu are seen talking in the storage room.

Cinderella: "Hey Abu. Once again, hoping I can count on your vote to stay. I know it's a lot to ask since I'm up against Gretel and she's so sweet but I would like to stay. I have my vote nullifier which I'll be using to take away one of the votes away from me. This means I need 3 votes to stay instead of 4. I feel like my best chances are you, Tiana, and Pumba. Keep me and keep a target. Gretel is much more UTR and her social game is on point. I'm ready to win the next HOH and get back at Yzma and you're 100% safe if I win."

Abu: "Thank you Cinderella that sounds good. I have tbh though, Gretel also asked me to keep her. So I really do need to think things through."

Cinderella: "I understand.  Do what you think is best but I think it's best to keep me Smile Gretel can win this game. She's loved by everyone.  I feel like Yzma put her up only because she knows she'll stay.  If I didn't have the nullifier, id be gone for sure because there's no way I can get 4 votes against Gretel.  That's telling."

Abu: "i think you make a compelling argument, Cinderella. Promise me you won't put me up if you win HOH? lol'

Cinderella: "Absolutely. 100%. You're SAFE. Trust me, a candy cane sweater is out here looking for revenge all spring 16. I think I have you, Baymax, Tiana, and Pumba so I really appreciate this.  You guys are my angels Smile"

Abu: "no problem Cinderella *hugs*"

Even though she feels good about her chances, Gretel doesn't feel it's wise to be too cocky. She pulls Tiana aside pretending to need help folding her socks, but really she just wants to secure all the votes.

Gretel: "Sad does cinderella think she is staying do you think?"

Tiana: "No I don't think Cinderella thinks that. She thinks she can get the votes though. "

Gretel: "alright, well I really appreciate your help girl! Smile

Baymax said he'd keep me!"

Tiana: "No problem <3"

Gretel: "I  sent Dopey a PM but I don't talk to him. Do you think it'll just be Dopey and Pumba voting me, and then the nullifer?

Agh this will be close."

Tiana: "Dopey would vote how Yzma tells him to. He's not playing the game"

Gretel: "that's frustrating me cuz Cindy and I both would like to stay and he's still in."

Tiana: "Agreed!!!"

Abu comes to Gretel and tells her he wants to use his double vote on her.

Gretel: "I don't want you to use the extra vote if Baymax will be upset! It will be close but I trust you all. You should use it for yourself. I know we've been best friends since the beginning of this game and you are who I want in the end with me but you should use it for yourself only, Abu. I am honored you even considered using it! No one has ever offered something like that to me before."

Abu: "what does your instinct really say, Gretel?"

Gretel: "I guess it just says I'm really scared cuz if Tiana/Dopey/Pumba vote me and then use a nullifer I will be out Sad but at the same time I would never feel right accepting you using it on me over yourself. What does yours say?"

Abu: "my head tells me you won't need it. but my heart says to not take that chance. once i play it, lines will be drawn. but i don't care."

Elsewhere Abu was doing damage control over the fact he was his double vote.

Abu: "Are you upset with me using the double vote, Bay? The way i see it, alliances will be exposed anyway after this vote. I know there's a good chance we secure Kristoff's and Dopey's vote, but I don't want to risk losing Gretel."

Baymax: "No definitely not! If there's a nullifier it totally makes sense to use it. Before I didn't think you needed to but now I do."

Cinderella decides to try one last time to get through Dopey and Yzma.

Cinderella: "Idk how you're feeling about me right now but this is basically my final plea.  I understand you're angry but I voted you out because I thought you were gone.  Whatever happened to save you, happened without my knowledge.  When Kristoff won, I thought he would leave nominations the same.  Him vetoing Tiana comes as a surprise to me.  I evicted Dopey the first week thinking he was going. Basically there's a lot that goes on that I don't know about because I guess I'm not too high on the totem pole.  I think you know you're not that high up either.  If you keep me, we can change that. If you get rid of me, you're probably still going to be at the bottom and fighting to stay. If I stay, sure we're at the bottom but we can fight together. You're only doing everyone else a favor by getting rid of me. I'm just saying I had ZERO reasons to want you out. I never talked to Mombi once. The only reason I had to keep her was trying to be with the in crowd and vote with "the house" and it shows how much I know that I could've have kept you (which I wanted to do) and voted with "the house" at the same time."

Yzma: "Im sorry I would have never nominated you if you hadnt voted me out. I didnt think you were with me once you voted me. Im going to be honest im not really mad at you. I only put you and tiana up because obviously you all are not for me. You voted me once and whats to say you wouldnt do it again. Before veto was used I was told you may have a power. I feel like if we are in an allaince together we should be truthful, if its true. The person who told me could have been lying to look good for taking Tiana off the block. Also with you voting with Tiana it makes you look like you are working with her. Its obvious shes not for me so if you are with her your not either"

Cinderella: "I do have a power but I'm going to use it tonight to get it out of the way. I didn't plan on telling anyone but someone figured out I had something good by the amount of bad rewards so I admitted to it. Why lie if someone knows I'd be lying? You never asked so I never admitted to it. I didn't volunteer that information to anyone."

Yzma: "I didnt ask because I didnt think of it and then Kristoff mentioned he thought you had one."

Cinderella: "My power is a vote nullifier. I used it on Dopey so his vote won't count. There, everythings out in the open."

Yzma: "Okay. Im not really sure why you stopped dopeys, we are supposed to be a team and he may have kept you. I told him in a pm it would be hard for me to trust you again but he was still willing to work with you."

Cinderella: "I voided Dopey's vote because I haven't heard from him since Mombi's eviction, then you go around trying to get me evicted, so I figured Dopey for sure was one of your stops on your evict Cinderella campaign.

Had I known Dopey wasn't anti-Cindy, I would have chosen someone else."

Dopey: "You know , you're right to think I was a bit confused by your actions in the Mombi vote .... cause regardless of what the others claim to be doing , there was nothing stopping you from still sticking to your team. The others need never know , ultimately , how you vote. And this was all after I had posted that players had told me they were keeping Yzma. You chose to believe "the others" instead of me...but like Yzma said , I was still willing to give you a chance and work with you. I'm sorry things have turned out this way."

Cinderella leaves the room.

Dopey: "Cindy says she hasn't heard from me since the mombi vote....but to be fair it's her who screwed us over, so it was up to her to mend bridges. She made no effort to contact me....it was me who tried to convince her that they were voting mombi, but she chose to believe her "other" friends.
Based on that, I agree with you , and we keep gretel. If cindy has pumba/krystoff/tiana on her side , then she's safe , cause she has nullified my vote...I'll vote anyway, just in case it's a bluff. Abu messaged me saying he wants to keep gretel. Gretel PM'd me asking for support, since she supported me when I was up. I told her that wasn't a problem, but I didn't tell her about cindy's "power""

Gretel's Diary Room

TIME TO PLAY!!! This is what gets me excited about these games. Bring on the challenges and the target. It's where I thrive tbh.

Yzma wrote:Thank you for volunteering. I dont want to but I will put you up. I am telling everyone I want cinderella gone and I will not tell anyone you volunteered to go up. I am just asking people if they will vote cinderella no matter who I put up

This round went exactly how I wanted. Tiana got saved, I test some loyalty from allies, I pin Bay/Abu against Kristoff/Tiana and hide my true alliance to Yzum. And I don't have to worry about a bitter Cinderella Wink Win-win for Gretel I think. Yay!!

It was just about time to vote, Tiana, Gretel and Kristoff were patiently waiting in the living room.

Tiana: "I think you're safe though Gretel. Everyone will probably vote out Cinderella"

Kristoff: "Ugh. Yzma is such an annoying wench."

Tiana: "Apparently Yzma/Dopey are close. That's what Cinderella told me. She said Yzma told me she would consider putting up anyone but Dopey."

Kristoff: "We have to get the votes. Cinderella can nullify a vote too, yes?

Tiana: "Yes she can"

Kristoff: "Dopey isn't even in this game really lol He's like the only one not here tonight. I'm over him and I'm over Yzma."

Gretel: "Same. If Yzum/Dopey/Pumba are allies thats dangerous.

Agh this sucks. I know how you both feel now!"

Tiana: "Dopey is a waste of space. I want to win HOH next so I can plop his BOOTY up with Yzma.

Pumba isn't aligned with Dopey/Yzma. He's aligned with Cinderella.

Abu I assume is working with Yzma/Dopey now or floating because Yzma wouldn't put him up either.

Baymax is a free agent. She was going to put him up but he didn't like the idea so she went with you.

All this info coming from Pumba lol"

Gretel: "How the hell does Pumba know all that lol"

Tiana: "He was talking to Yzma and getting info lol!"

Gretel: "damn lol. I was trying to talk to her but clearly not successful!"

Kristoff: "Fücking Pumba lol"

Tiana: "I am pretty sure Pumba will work with us.  Had he been voting the last time, he would have voted Yzma with Cinderella and I so I think he would stick with us.  

Baymax is a wildcard.  I do trust Pumba though and I was trying to get him to get Cindy to give him her power before she left instead of wasting it. Laughing"

Kristoff: "I think I can rope Baymax into an alliance. He and I have a pretty good relationship."

Tiana: "I love Baymax! I have kept in consistent contact with him as well so I am sure he would be willing to work with us."

Gretel: "Me too! He said right away he'd keep me in the game too Smile"

Tiana: "Moving forward, I'm assuming it's the 3 of us plus Baymax and Pumba?"

Kristoff: "Yes and I think we should set up a room for us 5"

Gretel: "Let's do it"

Gretel, Abu and Baymax are now chatting.

Abu: "anyone surprise he uses on Tiana?"

Baymax: "Here we go.. We need to make sure Cinderella goes home!"

Gretel: "Not surprised, but ya time to send Cinderella home."

Baymax: "I sent Kristoff a PM asking why he didn't explain himself in the group chat and if he's starting to lose trust in anyone, he said no he still trusts all of us and he did it because he figured she wold put Pumba up in her place."

Abu: "We really need to find a way to break up that Kristoff/Tiana duo."

Gretel: "They are a strong pair. This time we can break up Pumba/Cinderella now hopefully."

Tiana's Diary Room

Gosh this round is tough. Both of these girls have been loyal to me since the beginning...I have no idea what I'm going to do..

Abu's Diary Room

It's probably a mistake to play my double vote to save Gretel since it could be a waste. I think we can secure Kristoff's and Dopey's vote. However there's an off chance that Kristoff goes against us and Dopey's vote get nullified, so I'm using as an insurance to make sure Gretel stays. Abu, why dost thou must always with your heart?

Gretel's Diary Room

I am loling at how I am playing this game. Yzum is probably like wtf, why is she wanting to go up?  (Unfortunately, you are working with one crazy player around here who does unpredictable things all the time haha) Baymax is getting annoyed Abu is going to double vote me, and Tiana, once again is losing an ally.

I've realized a few other benefits now to going up too in addition to what I previously mentioned. Pumba is likely going to vote against me, I can nom him. I can also say I was uncomfortable with Bay pushing so hard that Abu not use the vote to save me and that it was selfish, and I can always ask Yzum down the road if she minds being a pawn like I was for her.

In a game where you cannot control if you are HOH or not, the wizarding power is a deep concern. I need "outs" if I were to become HOH since I'm playing such an intense social game! I have to be thinking ahead of all these people to cover myself at every possible second Smile

Now I just wait and find out which 1 or 2 if that vote against me! Sealing their fates...

Later on that night, it was time to vote.

Eviction Ceremony #8

HOH - Yzma
Nominees - Cinderella and Tiana
POV - Kristoff (Used on Tiana)
Nominees - Cinderella and Gretel

For one of you, it's about to be a Happily Never After ending. I do have good news though, the jury has officially started with this round.

Everyone voted, great job! There was also a vote nullifier and a vote double used.

By a vote of

We say goodbye to the lovely


Thank you so much for joining. It's heartbreaking to see your journey end. I know you said you were busy and your schedule played a part, but you did great. Off to the jury for now, but soon you will have an important decision to make and you will play a big part in the outcome of this game.

Fast Forward this evening.

Yzma: "Bye Cinderella.

Good luck everyone in HOH comp"

Gretel: "Bye Cinderella Sad

Thank you for keeping me everyone. I am really grateful to be here still!"

Tiana: "Bye Cindy<3"

Baymax: "Farewell Cinderella, and congratulations on making jury everyone."

Kristoff: "Goodbye Cinderella."

Cinderella: "Thanks for having me Kathy.  I think you do an amazing job at hosting and I did enjoy this game, I just wish I was able to compete more but at the same time, I am a little relieved to be out of this game and focus more on real life.   

Tbh though, you can pm me on IMDB when this game hits jury.  I'm pretty much decided on my vote already and who won't be getting it.  Hell, I could probably send you a ranking and save you the trouble Smile There's no reason to lie to me and say you're keeping me.  If you're voting me out, JUST SAY SO!  What the frack (thanks production for censoring the word I wanted to use Smile am I going to do to you?  NOTHING!!  Not a god damn thing. So if you lied to me about your vote, don't come to me for a jury vote if you make it to the end. I actually hope the person/people I'm talking about make it to the end and my vote is the decider.  

Final little blow-ups before I retire...If it's not obvious, Dopey and Yzma are together. They're really tight so don't expect them to turn on each other and you guys will need to separate them eventually.

I wonder if Baymax is playing every angle.  Key word: wonder.  Idk for sure but it's definitely possible.  I'd be weary of this one. I could be wrong Baymax, I'll admit it but I could be right so I'll just put it out there and you guys can decide if you want to look into it.  

Gretel, Dopey seems to be using you for information.  He was lying about his vote not being decided.  He basically wants to lie about his vote and make it seems like he doesn't care.  He's trying to play dumb or like he's not too invested in the game but I'd say he's just as invested as everyone.    
Just got a message from Gretel , saying she is voting Mombi out...I told her I hadn't flipped my coin yet lol

I  got a message from Gretel, who reckons that Cruella is leaving, based on what she had heard. I never told her how I was voting.

I believe that's about it."

Pumba: "<Boom!>

Bye Cinderella! Congrats Gretel!"

Baymax: "It's pretty common to lie about your vote when you tell people you have a nullify. It's a game tactic to make sure you don't use it on said person.

That said, I didn't lie to you about my vote. But I can see why others would. Especially whoever had the double vote, because if you had used it on that person it would have canceled out both of their votes."

Tiana: "There is a double vote in the game?"

Baymax: "
Tiana wrote:There is a double vote in the game?

Emma Swan wrote:Everyone voted, great job! There was also a vote nullifier and a vote double used.

Tiana: "Thanks Baymax! I ignore Emma<3"

Kristoff and Gretel go dance their emotions away in the storage room.

Gretel: "Kristoff, I made it thru!!! Very Happy"

Kristoff: "You don't know how happy I am!"

Gretel: "Me too!! Wooo"

Kristoff: "I'm glad Cinderella didn't slander us lol"

Dopey's Diary Room

Looks like I've found a real ally in Yzma , and my alliance with Abu and Baymax is also strong. So , all in all , things are looking good...touch wood ! Giving the HoH to Yzma was a masterstroke ,cause it solidifies her trust in me, and the nominations are basically what I would have gone for....and I get none of the attention. I wonder how many other HoH have happened this way ??

Tiana's Diary Room

I hate that Cinderella had to go. I really enjoyed working with her.

I am the last Princess left in the game. I assume Kristoff is 100% with me and Gretel now. He wants to wrangle in Pumba and Baymax to go to final five with us.

I am pretty sure if this was a successful final five, I could get rid of Kristoff at final five. He is my biggest competition threat. I don't think Pumba or Gretel are much competition.

The heroes lost a member but it was not their queen Tiana. Would she be on a war path now that her BFF Cinderella left? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 2 - Happily Never After.
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