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Post by Pumba on Tue 26 Apr - 9:12:40

Baymax put me on the block last round. I'm not going to lie, I didn't like it too much, but he promised me he had the votes to send Kristoff home so I just rolled with it. I won't forget it though.

Tiana won HOH and put up Abu and Dopey. I'd rather Abu go because he turned on our original alliance, and Tiana said he was trying to get me voted out last round. I'll be fine with either going, because whoever stays is just a waste of space anyway.

Tiana asked what I thought the best route was to go to F2, so it seems she is at least considering a F2 deal with me. I'm pretty sure I can get one with Gretel, and maybe even Baymax if I hint around the fact that no one is going to beat Tiana in the finals.

So as long as Abu and Dopey are the next two to leave, I think I have a decent shot of making F2. But I need to make a move before the end to solidify my game for the jurors, and that may be taking Tiana out when she doesn't expect it.

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