Kristoff and Tiana

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Kristoff and Tiana

Post by Cruella de Vil on Sun 24 Apr - 14:27:40

Baymax was correct when he got suspicious at Kristoff taking Tiana off the block. I never really thought that Kristoff was in so deep with her, but looking back now it makes total sense. He was always so wishy washy when it came to her and even joked about my prediction of her getting rid of him after the villains were all gone. Who knows maybe Baymax is in with Tiana and they put up Kristoff so they could get him out if one of them wins POV. Kristoff is great in competitions so it isn't that outrageous a claim. Also Baymax told me I was rude to him when I just asked if he was going to keep me or get rid of me. I found that strange. Some of them thought I was reaching when I accused Tiana of running the show, but I have been right so far...
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