Poor yzma is gone

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Poor yzma is gone

Post by Cruella de Vil on Fri 22 Apr - 20:42:41

She fought hard, but they are all in it together. Just wait until they have to turn on each other. I am actually glad I am out of it now, because the only people left who I think liked me are Mombi and Gretel. I hope I can play another game like this. It was fun. Even though many of the characters didn't appreciate the fun I was having with the character, it was worth playing. One thing I wonder about is how do we know that people aren't telling others who they really are? I think that ruins the fun of the game, and I am not saying that it happens, but I guess it could. I really don't want to have anyone mad at me, so if I offended anyone, forgive me, I just wanted to play and when I was evicted, I got a little upset. I am over it now. Love you guys. Good luck.
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