Week 9 Confessionals

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Week 9 Confessionals

Post by Kristoff on Fri 22 Apr - 17:21:53

Gretel stayed which was such a relief! A vote doubler being used is very interesting. From deducing, I think Abu must have had it. I didn't really think his "can be HOH 2 weeks in a row" really fit the super sized fries picture anyways. With those two powers used in one eviction, I think all the stuff from the auction are gone.

I won HOH. I am just making my target even bigger. Oh well. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

I made the obvious nominations of the only two people I'm not aligned with. Tiana was kinda pushing for Abu to go up but I shut that sh!t down immediately.

Baymax winning POV was a relief. I knew he wouldn't use it. So, I didn't have to really piss anyone off this week. Feels nice to not have lots of blood all over me this week.

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