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Confessional #11 Empty Confessional #11

Post by Baymax on Wed 20 Apr - 22:00:05

This entire game I have had to rely on my social and strategy skills, and I have been doing one of the best jobs at it I have in my entire time of playing these games. I just talked Yzma out from nominating me because of the 2 times I saved her and because I am a sure vote to get Cinderella out, who she wants to evict now that Tiana was saved (what the hell are you up to, Kristoff? hmmmmmmmmm??)

Here is our convo, use of it as you please in the episodes!

Quote message
From Yzma To Baymax, Today at 18:35:00

Hey I want to explain why I am putting you up as my replacement. I dont want you gone and im going to try and get everyone to keep you. I think you will stay over rella. That is the only reason im putting you up. I want to make sure you stay. I thought of others but I worry because of their wins they will be voted out. Please dont hate me but I understand if your upset. Im really sorry

Baymax Wed 20 Apr - 18:37:08

Oh no Sad not me! i've been so good to you. I have purposely voted to keep you twice because I like you. I feel this is a bad way of repaying that back.

Why not put someone like Pumba up? I am sure people will still vote Cinderella out over him

Yzma Wed 20 Apr - 18:38:35

Your right I just wanted someone who everyone liked so I knew that person would stay I want Cinderella gone. Let me see what I can do

Baymax Wed 20 Apr - 18:42:26

I promise that if I win HoH tomorrow I will put Tiana up with someone else, and not you.

Yzma Wed 20 Apr - 18:49:30

Im not putting you up. Will you vote cinderella out no matter who I put up. I know you have kept me safe and I dont want to hurt you by putting you up. Sorry I even thought of it. I cant win but next time I get hoh if im still here it will be tiana and kristoff its obvious they are working together now


Baymax Wed 20 Apr - 18:51:38

Yes those 2 need to be split up for certain. I have been in a room with Kristoff for quite some time but he gave no pre warning of his actions or tried to justify it until after I asked. Seems very shady to me.

I will 100% vote Cinderella and I believe others that are against Tiana will also vote for her because they seem like they are a duo and would love to see them split up.

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Confessional #11 Empty Re: Confessional #11

Post by Baymax on Wed 20 Apr - 22:00:34

oops can you guys edit my title and say Confessional #11. my bad

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