Diary Entry #8

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Diary Entry #8

Post by Abu on Sun 17 Apr - 22:43:37

So I won a double vote from the auction. But Kristoff and Tiana tried to pressure me to telling what it is. Tiana asked Cinderella straight up what her item was but didn't ask me, probably showing that they might have a close relationship. I told them I can win HOH two consecutive times but I don't think they bought it. I was wary Kristoff might put me as a replacement nominee once Mombi took herself off. Tiana, Kristoff, and Cindy need to go ASAP! They are too good with the challenges though, gonna need a big break to win HOH. I need to rely on Gretel and Baymax. Hopefully pull in Dopey and Yzma too if she gets to stay in the house.

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