First Entry!!!

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First Entry!!!

Post by Scar on Mon 4 Apr - 19:23:58

Hi everyone. Scar here.

Very excited to be back for yet another fairytale mystery game with the lovely hosts named Emma and Neal. Smile

I decided to be Scar for a few reasons.
1) I figured we couldn't be a character that was picked in the last game? And to be honest, I don't know much about Disney characters. It's lame, I know, but I'm not well-versed in some that are even playing in this game. lol So, I was deciding between characters that I do know. I knew I wanted to be someone "bad" because it's more fun. Wink I only really know Pocohantas, The Lion King, Snow White, and Little Mermaid. I debated being Pocohontas because she's badass, but then went with Scar because well, Scar is more badass.
2) Scar's whole mantra was about him trying to be the king of the jungle basically (or kingdom I should say), so that'll be the theme of my game. I will do anything and discard anyone (even my own brother/ally) to win this game. king

So far, I've gotten messages from Baymax first, then Kristoff, then Gretel, and Tiana tonight. I messaged Ursula myself because I kinda wanna work with villains. lol

But Baymax and Kristoff give me good vibes so far. And I've loosely agreed to "look out" for both of them and vice versa.

I am a little concerned that missing challenges might get in my way this game. I usually work two weeknights a week on average. I am VERY pleased that post counts won't show up for everyone to see. That makes me a little more likely to make more rooms with people. It'll be harder for people to catch on to me doing that, but I definitely want to be careful about juggling too many people at once.

I don't know what else to talk about, so this is it for now. If I win HOH, I'm probably going to give it to Baymax. Idk yet.

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