Episode #12 - Snake, Not Lion

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Episode #12 - Snake, Not Lion

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 17 Apr - 19:19:16

NatKat's Big Brother Season 2
Happily Never After
Episode #12 - Snake, Not Lion

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 16 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 16 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Tonight on NatKat's Big Brother Season 2 - Happily Never After, Kristoff made a bold move by nominating the most social Lion in history, Scar. Would he talk his way into staying?


Knowing that he did not ok this by all his allies, Kristoff sets out to do damage control.

Kristoff: "Alright I don't want this decision to take any of you off guard. I mainly nominated Scar because he told me that I should've nominated Abu, Baymax, Cinderella or Dopey instead of the two nominated. He also said that Gretel and the 4 names listed were all under Tiana's spell. He's also the person who got Cruella to nominate me. I hope you guys understand and that you will consider voting for Scar <3"

Abu: "no problem, I was good with getting either Scar or Cruella out this round."

Kristoff: "Awesome. I think he is a bigger threat than Cruella so I picked him plus all the slandering he's been doing lol"

Gretel: "I understand Kristoff Smile Scar is a strong villain."

Kristoff: "Probably the ring leader of that group if I had to guess now"

Abu: "Tiana is a certain vote to get him out. Anyone knows if Cinderella and Pumba are good with that?"

Kristoff: "I haven't talked to them yet but I would assume they'd be down."

Gretel: "Tiana is gonna campaign very hard against him I bet so I can see them voting with her."

Baymax: "Scar seems more like a snake than a lion."

Gretel: "and not a companion right? Wink"

Kristoff: "This made me laugh out loud."

Baymax: "How do we know this isn't all just a big ploy to keep both original nominations off the block?

Kristoff can you show me where scar actually suggested for you to nominate me?"

Kristoff: "Yeah he said it to me directly lol"

Scar is pacing in the backyard, really pissed off. Yzma, Ursula and Cruella are on the couch watching him pace.

Scar: "I'm screwed."

Ursula: "I wish we could have voted that queen whatever her name is."

Cruella de Vil: "Scar it seems like she has it locked up. She won against Peter Pan and if she wants you out then it might just happen. Gretel, Mombi, me and Ursula will keep you safe, but I don't know if there will be any more people."

Ursula: "Tiana is going to be voting scar"

Scar: "Gah that wench. I think Kristoff will keep me in a tie too."

Yzma: "Wow guess I should leave the room"

Cruella de Vil: "No Yzma, Scar is just upset that he is on the block. We wish there was another way out, but there isn't."

Scar: "This sucks. I don't think I'll stay. If I go, pull in Mombi and Gretel and try working on Kristoff too. He might come into your corner. You'll need everyone you can get to go up against Tiana."

Cruella de Vil: "Yeah, it doesn't seem likely. I tried to rally the troops, but people are either tight lipped or they want to vote with the majority...and for some reason people think a vote for you is the majority."

Yzma: "So everyone knows, Tiana knows about the group."

Scar: "Tiana does? We're screwed either way. Just pull in Mombi and Gretel if you can. That's the only advice I can give. I'm screwed. I know that much. This sucks."

Yzma: "I dont know who told but she knows who voted against her last time"

Scar: "Oh my gosh. She's the worst. You guys NEED to get her out!"

Cruella de Vil: "She told me in a round about way that she knew about the group. She never came out and said it, but I put two and two together and figured she knew somehow. She tried to make it seem to me that one of us was a defector. She is really crafty."

Scar crosses path with Cinderella.

Scar: "Can you vote to keep me?"

Cinderella: "I'm sorry but I can't. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but to my knowledge, the votes aren't there."

Scar: "Well at least you're being honest with me. Everyone else is just beating around the bush. Good luck Cindy!"

Cinderella: "Thank you Scar"

Abu's Diary Room

Abu trying to squeeze information out of Scar, but not getting anything quality.  People are desperate when they need your vote to stay, so hopefully he can spill the beans on some matter.  Baymax is getting wary of Kristoff and his plan to backdoor Scar.  It's gonna get ugly in this BB house.  Much more messy than when Abu lived in monkey cavern with aunts and uncles. Monkey throw poops at each other all day.

Cruella de Vil's Diary Room

Tiana convinced me that someone who I talk to a lot wanted me out. I thought it might be Scar. I told Tiana that I did not want her out and it was only because someone suggested her. I had to do this to stay safe. Then after Tiana won POV she told me that I would be put up if I didn't tell her who suggested me putting up Tiana when I was HOH. I never gave a name but she probably guessed it was Scar, because I think she convinced Kristoff to put him up. What a mess. I feel bad for Scar. Tiana is a master manipulator, but I have to stay on  her good side. She is too strong to upset. She is controlling this game.

I never mentioned Scar's name, but she was told about it by someone else. I think I know who told Tiana. I was never going to tell Tiana that Scar wanted her out, but when someone told her who it was, she went after Scar. I wish I could leave the game and let Scar stay. I feel so bad.

Gretel's Diary Room

Tiana is dead to me. I am frustrated with myself. I basically handed up Scar on a platter by trying to protect Cruella. I should've sacrificed Cruella to keep Scar. This is really, really bad. Tiana is playing for herself only and is all over the place. I need to change tactics FAST and act like her little candy cane sweater. Otherwise, she can flip everyone against me. I can't believe Kristoff just let her control his HOH like that. It shows whose counsel he was listening to. Not mine, hers.

I need to regroup ASAP and start speaking with other allies.

I am feeling awful about Scar!!! Ugh.

Tiana's Diary Room

So I made a deal with Cruella for her to keep me safe next time she wins HOH.

I also found out Scar was targeting me and I talked Kristoff into getting him nominated.

Now it's time to get all my allies to nominate him.

I'm accidentally aligned with more than half the cast.  Laughing

Abu and Baymax have a dance off in the storage room.

Abu: "Looks like our chance to get Scar out came earlier than thought. We knew he is dangerous, others are just realizing it. Another person to watch out for is Tiana. According to Scar, Tiana has a lot of pull over other people, including Dopey. so we need to approach carefully, Bay."

Baymax: "But do you think kristoff is telling the truth? Something seems off about all this. Why would scar voluntarily suggest to put me up when I talk to him"

Abu: "Kristoff might very well be an agent of Tiana, but we'll deal with it later. "

Abu leaves Baymax to go see what Pumba is thinking and doing.

Abu: "Which way are you leaning, Pumba. I know Scar is part of our group, but people are saying he is shady."

Pumba: "Hey what's up! I don't know. If Scar is playing both sides, it might be time to cut him loose. Do we know for sure?"

Abu: "yeah that's what people are saying. He's friendly and has a room with just about everyone."

Pumba: "He does have a room with me, but that was set up before our big room. Kind of like this one. Well, if it's true, he's got to go. I messaged him to get his side, but haven't heard back"

Abu decides he misses his favourite robot.

Baymax: "Where is my companion dopey in our time of need! It looks like kristoff is trying to back door scar. I think he has the votes too. What do you think?"

Abu: "should we go with it?"

Dopey walks in.

Dopey: "I say YES , simply because of this :

1. He is top of the rankings for "posts made"
2. He hasn't really featured in challenges or vetos, so all his posts are either in his diary room or alliances....I know which option I think is right.

So I would vote for Scar and try to take out one of our main rivals , regardless of what everyone else is doing. We also keep it to ourselves that this is what we're doing."

Abu: "alright let's get Scar then. don't let him slip through the crack."

Baymax: "Thanks for your input, Dopey."

Gretel goes to see how Scar is feeling/doing.

Scar: "He nominated me, so I'm probably screwed. "

Gretel: "I just saw Sad I hate this. You've been my best friend here. You gotta campaign."

Scar: "I'm talking to everyone, but at this point, if Kristoff/Tiana have something going and she wants me gone, then I will be leaving. She has a lot of pull with people. I'm talking to everyone I can... "

Gretel: "Argh. I will see what I hear tomorrow when more are on and let you know what seems to be happening. She does have pull I'm afraid."

Scar: "I'll be on more tomorrow too. I'm so bummed right now. She's got this game in the bag if nobody does anything to stop her"

Gretel: *petting Scar* "I think so too. I feel bad I didn't do more to stop this but I don't know what I could've tried."

Gretel is washing her socks in the backyard before the big vote. Kristoff walks out and pretends to help her but really he just wants to talk.

Kristoff: "God I usually don't feel bad about this because it's a game but lord I feel like I just betrayed him so hard."

Gretel: "This is a sad one. Sad  It means you have a heart tho so I like that about you!"

Kristoff: "Haha I def have a heart! Even though he was super shady. Do you think we're in a good position?"

Gretel: "I think Scar will go around blaming Tiana and not you so I'd say yes? Tomorrow is a fast forward I saw so I hope this is not bad timing."

Kristoff: "That's what I was thinking. If I get nominated, I'll do my best to win the POV"

Gretel: "I feel so bad, you had like the worst HOH reign ever lol."

Gretel goes back inside to grab some fabric softner sheets. She sees Abu about to fling poo at Tiana's head. She stops him and asks him if he has a minute to chat about the vote.

Abu: "So hopefully we can get Scar out. He created that group to keep tabs on us"

Gretel: "I think Tiana and him did that. I am worried about her too cuz she is with many people. Scar is for sure the villain leader and he kept it from us!"

Abu: "Tiana is indeed a strong player. But I know for sure we have Baymax on our side. As for Kristoff I do hope he stick with us instead of being influenced by Tiana down the road.

Gretel: "I hope so too. Us 4 can be very strong and no one will see it coming. I know Kristoff better than Baymax but I like Baymax a lot!

Scar is contacting me and seems very defeated. I talked to him sometimes :/"

Abu: "Scar is begging for my vote to stay too.  Just as long as you say Kristoff is dependable then I believe you, Gretel Smile  I guess we need to focus on getting Scar out this round and plan our next move afterward.  I really love our group of 4."

Gretel: "I think he is dependable but he was definitely heavily influenced by Tiana this time, which is a problem. I would guess he probably realized he was forced into it too a little bit. She did use the veto afterall.

Do you still want Scar to go over Yzum?"

Abu: "yeah i think it's a good chance to get rid of Scar, he is extremely dangerous. Last time Cruella escaped eviction, and caused all kinds of havoc. I hope people don't let Scar escape."

Elsewhere Scar decides to confront Tiana.

Scar: "What's going on? This is nuts. Sad I really don't want to leave. I feel like there's weird chaos going on to confuse us to not like each other or something. I feel true loyalty to you and Gretel and I feel like stuff is falling apart. I don't want to leave this game. Sad I want to stay and work with you two."

Tiana: "Well I just don't understand why people keep telling me that you keep coming after me :/"

Scar: "I'm not coming after you. Sad People told me they thought you wanted me nominated. Someone's majorly lying to us. Idk why Kristoff would ever nominate me, but he said he heard that I got him nominated a few rounds ago and that never happened. Sad"

Tiana: "Your name has been brought up to me by numerous people two weeks in a row as coming after me. Idk why you would come after me since you were my first ally.

Scar: "I'm not coming after you. That's a lie... Sad Idk what else I can say, but last round people told me you were going and then Cruella told me that you told her I was playing you both. But I figured it was her way of just trying to get me to vote you out, which I didn't do. I was lied to as well.

This sucks because you were my first ally as well and the alliance we created with Gretel is one I value in this game and I feel like we're going to lose that because people are coming between us."

Tiana: "Well I was skeptical at first but it's just the fact that two very different people approached me about you talking about me negatively. :/"

Scar: "Who was it? That didn't happen... Sad What if those two are working together to pit us against each other?

Since you've won HOH, I've told people good things about you, so people probably know that you and I are aligned and want to use it against us. Sad"

Tiana: "I just don't know who to trust."

Scar: "I wish you could trust me. Sad I've been in this with you and Gretel since day one. And I was close with Kristoff too and it's upsetting that he nominated me. He said that someone told him I got him nominated two turns ago and that isn't the case. Sad Don't give up on me. This is really disheartening, because I really want to play this game with you and I feel like we're being pulled apart for no reason."

Tiana gives him a side look but says she has to think it over and walks out. Scar can't just give up, he goes scrambling some more with Baymax.

Scar: "This really sucks. Will you vote to keep me? Sad I'm so bummed...I think I have enough with your vote to stay. I really want to work with you moving forward, but I can't if I have to leave. Sad"

Baymax: "I was told you suggested kristoff to nominate me. Why would you do that?"

Scar: "I never said that! Oh my gosh... People are lying hardcore. He heard that I got him nominated 2 times ago and that never happened.

This sucks. Someone wants me out and they're pulling out the stops. I've never talked bad about you to Kristoff or anyone"

Baymax: "Who is voting to keep you?"

Scar: "So then they'll be targets later? Sad I don't want to rat people out, if I have no chance of staying.

If you vote me, it'll either tie or go in my favor and then Kristoff will keep me if it ties."

Baymax: "Why would kristoff keep you? His post about "recent events" leads me to believe he wants you out.

What happened to being honest with each other? You are talking to me like you do not trust me. How am I supposed to believe you if you are acting shady?"

Scar: "Kristoff and I talked and then he said that he got "played" because he was told I got him nominated that round he went up, which is far from the truth. I talked to him and then he said that he got played by people. And he said he'd talk to you, but did he?

I have votes I think from Mombi, Ursula, Cruella, Gretel, and Kristoff if it ties. I really want to stick around and not leave this game so early. "

Baymax: "Your information about who is voting with you is safe with me. I don't believe you about kristoff though. This clearly seems like a back door to me.

It sucks you got put in this situation. I was all ready to vote mombai out since I never talk to her.

I'm not going to vote tonight I want to have a clear head on this decision and figure out why people are saying you wanted me nominated."

Scar: "Ok I respect that. I am trying to work on Tiana because I think she's controlling a lot of things on the side. Sad Kristoff told me he'd keep me, but he could be lying. He claims he'd talk to you to keep me. "

Baymax goes to talk with his companions to get clarity on these supposed lies.

Baymax: "Can I see the actual message? I am confronting him about it and he is saying its a lie"

Abu: "what's happening here, guys?"

Kristoff: "Should I copy & paste here?"

Baymax: "I just need clarification. Not because I don't believe you but I need to know why I am voting scar out so suddenly. Just seems so illogical for someone to just volunteer names like that to you unless you had some sort of alliance with him"

Kristoff: "I had an alright friendship with him. We had been taking off and on for a few weeks now. Nothing official though. But I found out he was playing all sides."

Baymax: "He certainly is. I talk to him as well that is the only reason I need to make sure I am making the right decision. I do not speak to yzma but if scar is playing us then I am with you guys on the vote."

Abu: "I hope everyone see how dangerous Scar is. Let him escape eviction like Cruella did, and he will be a handful later on."

Kristoff: "Yeah he's a smooth talker."

Baymax: "This is true Abu. He is telling me he has the votes to tie or if I vote to keep him it will tie and kristoff will keep him because apparently you guys worked it out"

Kristoff: "Yeah I'm just telling him what he wants to hear because he's too dangerous. Better to blindside him than let him cause chaos."

Baymax: "Okay duly noted. I will vote him out. I only befriended him early in the game to see if I could keep tabs on the evil characters. It worked up until now. We even voted different ways almost every round but were honest about it. Maybe that's why he wanted you to nominate me."

Kristoff: "Yeah basically he said he didn't feel like he could trust you."

Scars next pray is Cruella, surely he can count on her support?

Scar: "Will you keep me safe? I want to stick around to take her out. She's literally running the show for the most part right now."

Cruella de Vil: "Oh Scar...I don't know what to say. I will try to keep you safe, but she has a lot of people on her side and if she wants you out, you are out."

Scar: "Well, at least try. Sad Kristoff claims that he was told by "many people" that I was the one who got him nominated that one round and now he's sorry he was played. Ugh. So even if it ties, he should keep me around.

I really don't want to leave this game. Sad I want to play with you so badly!"

Cruella de Vil: "Damn, it is so hard to figure out what to do. I don't know who Tiana has in her camp. Gretel it with us, so I can try her, but we are also voting against two villains, which doubly sucks."

Scar: "'ve got you, Ursula, Mombi, and Gretel. I need one more for Kristoff to be able to keep me. Baymax might keep me, but I need to work on him."

Tiana gets bored and goes to find her cooler friends, Cinderella and Pumba.

Tiana; "Scar was the person throwing our alliance under the bus apparently and was being an inside agent for the villains.

I think we need to get rid of him."

Pumba: "I'm fine with that. Do you think he went as far as to name all of us to them? If so, we need to get them all out. Do we know exactly who he was telling?"

Tiana: "He told Cruella apparently. Yzma basically confirmed a villain alliance last night because she said her allies were voting to keep Scar and she thought they were more loyal to her.

Good thing there are only 3 villain voters this round"

Pumba: "So we are voting out Scar."

Tiana; "I think we should. He is the one who backstabbed us to the villains and outted our alliance to them.

It sucks, but Kristoff even told me that Scar was trying to throw me under the bus to him as well about getting the heroes together in an alliance plus Scar.

I feel bad because it was definitely my fault that Scar was added into our alliance, but I think it will be the best bet for us.

If Scar goes, the lines are defined with:




Not sure where Baymax or Queen Mombi stands. Dopey seems to be voting with the villains. Yzma is upset because the villains are voting her out to keep Scar which is very telling!"

Cinderella: "I'm catching up on everything. I knew Scar was not to be trusted, I'm down to get rid of him."

Puma: "Is there any way to reel Yzma in with us? Maybe not invite her into the new room, but at least get her voting with us?"

Yzma: "We could try. It would just make it easier to take out the villains so I'm down."

Tiana: "I think we can try to get her!".

Gretel's Diary Room

Here's what is happening now. I made a f2 with Tiana naturally to cover myself since I disagreed with her in the room. Honestly, looking forward to breaking it eventually. Never thought in a million years I'd ever say that about any deal I was making. Damage control is crucial!  I love Scar and know he was/is loyal to me regardless of his deals. I also like Kristoff/Bay/Abu who want him out. Scar is close to getting enough votes for a tie. I'm not sure how I am voting. I was going to keep him, but I can't have it traced back to me or close enough to tie.

In other news, Ursula contacted me for the first time so yay! I am scared something is going to blow up on me though. Somehow I need to come out of this eviction with the villains hating Tiana and sympathetic to me, Scar's friend, and the heros still loving me and wary of T. Is this possible for me to do!?!? I think so Wink

I am getting excited to plan operation take down Tiana. Although, Pumba is still on my radar too. I haven't forgotten!!

Pumba's Diary Room

Apparently Scar was double dipping in the alliance pool and had a separate "Villains Alliance" he was reporting back to. Seems a bit early to get caught doing that, so he's obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed. Looks like we are voting him out, and bringing in Kristoff in his place.

Pumba and Scar are shown chatting in the bedroom.

Scar: "Will you vote to keep me? This really sucks..."

Pumba: "Hey Scar. Apparently there's some commotion about you being a "double agent" and telling another group about our alliance. I can try to help you get out of this jam, but I need to know what you told and to who? Or are people just lying/wrong?"

Scar: "I think it's a combination of lying and being wrong. Someone told Kristoff that I got him nominated a few turns ago and that's entirely false. I never even mentioned him in a bad light. Then last round, Tiana and I were both lied to separately. She was told that I wanted her out and I was told that she petitioned to Cruella to get me out last round. Neither things happened at all, but paranoia set it in and now someone is coming between our group. Sad Whoever wanted to start chaos managed to do just that. I've talked to Tiana and I told her that there's some kind of misunderstanding that started last round, because I'm just as confused as to why these rumors started in the first place. Since the beginning, when she was HOH, I've been aligned with her and told people good things about her, so it's no surprise if now people are trying to find a way to wedge me and her apart. Sad It just sucks because I'm nominated for something I didn't do. Kristoff said he thinks he "got played" and now feels bad for nominating me, but I honestly can't be sure what he's really thinking at this point..."

Queen Mombi's Diary Room

Jeez this is hard. I literally just became really tight with Yzma. Then Tiana Saves me with veto. And now my FIRST ally scar is up. Sorry for being invisible but I'm obviously important and wanted in this game.

So my strategy will be, which head will look better in my collection?

Dopey feelings a little on the outs decides to start solidifying some grounds with a few allies. It took him a while to get over Hades, but he was ready.

Dopey: "Hey ladies ,
I opened this room because I have recently been in contact with both of you , and since I have no other affiliation since Hades got thrown out , I have taken a chance with the both of you.

I think it would be in our best interest to vote Scar out, since he is TOP of the "posts" rankings , and that can mean one of two things
1. he writes a lot in his diary room
2. he has a lot of alliances

Let me know what you think , and also if you're up to working together and moving forward , I certainly hope we can."

Yzma: "Im all for working with you both. I think Scar is working every side of the house. I would be very grateful if you all kept me."

Dopey: "Scar has now overtaken Emma as the "top poster" on the forum lol"

Cinderella: "Yeah, I'm hearing Scar is playing everyone and it looks like he got caught. I'm down to evict him and work with you two.

lol, I saw that. Scar is doing the absolute most and not enough to be the ultimate host."

Dopey: "So we're agreed then Wink.

I'm also of the opinion that what we do with our votes stays with the team....the less other players know the better. If anyone asks me which way I'm voting I tell them i haven't decided yet...or that I'm not bothered and will probably flip a coin lol.

Glad to be working with you girls Wink"

Yzma: "Im fine with that, I dont like everyone knowing everything"

Cinderella: "Lol, it's a little too late for me to keep my vote under wraps. Scar asked me to keep him and I told him I couldn't but I haven't/won't mention anything about Dopey's vote."

Dopey: "Scar seems to think he's out...fingers crossed !! Our team moves on Very Happy"

As they sit waiting for results, Scar takes Mombi aside and tells her some final words.

Scar: "You should go with Yzma, Cruella, and Ursula when I leave. I know I'm going. Sad

Good luck my queen. And don't trust Tiana- she's running a whole herd of thoughtless sheep right now and if she isn't evicted soon, she'll win this whole thing.

It's been fun playing with you lovely. Good luck in this game! Smile"

Queen Mombi: "Of course! I got you"

Eviction Ceremony #4

HOH - Kristoff
Nominees - Yzma and Queen Mombi
POV - Tiana (used on Queen Mombi)
Nominees - Yzma and Scar

For one of you, it's about to be a Happily Never After ending

Everyone voted, great job!

By a vote of

We say goodbye to the lovely


Thank you so much for joining. You were phenomenal and I really enjoyed having you. Good way too soon <3

Challenge in 1 hour and 55 minutes.

Scar: "Sad to go Emma... Sad to go. Sad

Thanks for the invite. Things were a little out of my hands this round. Needless to say, I'm sad to be leaving this game. <3 to all of you and may the best character win! It's been fun playing this one.

For now, Scar out. cat"

Tiana: "Bye Scar!"

Cruella de Vil: "Bye Scar..."

Scar: "Bye ladies. It's been fun. Try not to tear each other's throats out while I'm gone. Razz"

Gretel: "Bye Scar!"

Scar: "Thanks Gretel Smile"

Yzma: "Thank you all for keeping me.

Bye Scar"

Scar: "Bye Yzma! <3"

Kristoff: "Bye Scar."

Baymax: "Sorry to see you go, Scar."

Scar: "Goodbye Kristoff. Sorry we had to part this way. Sad . And bye Baymax. You're a lovely robot. Smile"

Ursula: "Bye scar Sad"

Scar: "Bye Sad Your twitch really needs to be fixed girl. Razz"

Pumba: "Bye Scar"

Scar: "See ya around the jungle Pumba. Smile"

Cruella de Vil: "Oh Scar, you are so cute!"

Queen Mombi: "Class act. Bye, Scar!"

Cinderella's Diary Room

Scar has nobody to blame but himself. He's been playing every angle and it caught up to him. #sorrynotsorry for evicting him.

Scar's Diary Room

Well, that's obvious. I played too hard too fast. That's quite apparent. On the one hand I feel free to leave this game and enjoy real life things now. lol But at the same time, it's easy to get attached to a game and really want to see it through once you've started playing it. Scar was an interesting character and I think I played him justly.

At this point, I don't feel like I had any true allies in this game. I thought Mombi was one, but she's literally never online and I don't know if I could've really counted on her going forward. I'd say Cruella and Gretel probably had my back the most, but that's all really speculation at this point.

Game Predictions:
Tiana, Kristoff, Gretel, Cinderella and/or Dopey, and Baymax will go far.

Tiana- she runs the damn ship- that's obvious. Idk who all doesn't notice that or refuses to notice it, but I do. Everyone listens to her about votes and she seems to know EVERYTHING that's going on. She's probably the sole reason I'll be leaving today and she's smart for doing so.

Kristoff- he's kind of on the "outside" but not at the same time. People seem to like him and he seems to do no wrong in this game but the thing is, he's capable of doing wrong- just the kind of wrong that Tiana needs to go far. She'll keep him around.

Cinderella/Dopey- Tiana will keep one or both of them around on a very short leash. Does Cinderella even talk to anyone really? Or Dopey for that matter? They're voting blocks for Tiana and they'll go far.

Baymax- I feel like he's out of damage central. He's not really causing harm to anyone (yet), but there's also no reason to evict him either. He'll go far by remaining kind of neutral. I think that's his play this game, and so far it's working for him.

And finally, my girl Gretel- She could be one of the only people (or maybe Kristoff) that could upset a Tiana win... Gretel is quiet, but she is playing as well. She seems to be able to hold lies (that I know of)- either she kept my lie about me voting Tiana last round OR she's the snitch that's getting me evicted. Either way, she's cunning and in some type of fashion she's playing this game to win. I can just feel it.

I want someone like Cruella or Ursula to go far, but I highly doubt that will happen. They'd have to majorly kiss BOOTY with Tiana to do so and somehow I don't think it'd even work if they did.

My alliance break-downs (for the episodes):
Since day one, me/Gretel/Tiana have had a private room. I also have a room individually with both girls.
I got to talking and I liked the "villains" sort of speak, so I formed a room with Cruella, that was really fun and then she and I decided that we needed a "villains" room, so Ursula/Yzma/Cruella/me all got a private room together. I liked Mombi, so she had I had a showmance room individually lol. I talked to Kristoff and Baymax since the beginning too- I had individual rooms with both of them. Oh, I also had a room with Peter before he was evicted. lol

Tiana liked Cinderella (Cindy), Abu, and Pumba too and basically formed a grouping with them, Gretel, her and I (without me having much choice), so there's a giant room for all of us. And I have individual rooms with Pumba, Abu, and Cindy because I didn't want to just talk through Tiana.

I'd say I did what the other players are accusing me of- the whole double-agent thing. Yeah I guess that's the case. I was in with the "villains" and the "heroes" if you want it simplified. Fine, guilty then. At this point, I see no reason why I should stay. If Tiana wants me gone, then I'll be gone. Thinking about telling the "villains" about the other room. Might as well give them a fighting chance in this game...

Sad that this is my last DR, but I must go now. Tata!

Kristoff anf Gretel walk back to his Head of Household room to gather his belongings before the next challenge.

Kristoff: "At least I got out a big player."

Gretel: "You did!! Now we don't have to worry about him.

He is being really rude in PM."

Kristoff: "Of course he is. I don't really feel bad anymore. I'm pretty sure we're right about him and the sad act was to get us to keep him"

Gretel: "I think so too now. Everyone seemed to know him so he was playing us."

Kristoff: "Yeah he was. Especially with Yzma conforming the villain alliance. If I win, would you want to be HOH? You're the only person that I trust 100%."

Gretel just stares at him with a blank face, not really sure how to answer. Her heart skips a beat when the door opens and Tiana walks in.

Abu and his BFF Baymax rejoice over Scar leaving.

Abu: "How do you feel about Gretel and Kristoff, honestly?"

Baymax: "I had asked Gretel about what she really thought about the vote last night after seeing her name in Scar's list and she didn't get back to me until today, she assured me that even though she was sad to see Scar go she still voted for him.

She then said how much she really liked you. So I think she's a keeper. Kristoff seems like a loose cannon making decisions on his own, we will have to find out who else he's working with and maybe go for them so we can keep him as an ally until it's save to put him up."

Abu: "I've built a rapport with Gretel and do genuinely like her . If F3 was up to me, you guys are definitely my choices."

Baymax: "I don't have that great a relationship with her but I do like her."

Abu: "There is an alliance group within the "heroes", started by Tiana, probably as a product to get enough votes to evict Scar. She pulled in Pumba, Cinderella, Kristoff, Gretel, and me. So that excludes you and Dopey. I think she's planning it to be a voting bloc. So that makes me think Tiana isn't as close to Dopey as Scar suggested, but who knows. I think we should target Tiana once the villain side weakens. which i think will happen after this round."

Baymax: "I may just target her before then if I win HoH. I think seeing her and cruella up in the block would be interesting. Thank you for confiding in me"

Abu: "No problem, Bay. Just don't tell anyone i told you, otherwise my cover will be blown."

Baymax: "I would never.

I knew I opened up to the right person"

Dopey walks in.

Dopey: "wow , slightly surprised by the 9-1 majority !"

Baymax: "I think the humans that wanted to help Scar realized they were in the minority and jumped ship."

That conversation gets boring so Dopey decides to go see Cinderella and Yzma instead.

Dopey: "Congrats Yzma !!

Slightly surprised by the 9-1 majority lol , maybe Scar didn't have that many connections after all ! Or you're just too popular lol Wink"

Yzma: "Lol. I think its just he scared people"

In the Head of Household room, Gretel, Kristoff and Tiana talk about the landslide vote.

Kristoff: "It was 9-1 lol"

Tiana: "Lol! They must have been lying to Scar. Cruella told me she was voting scar"

Gretel: "Even the villains betrayed lol. Shows why they are those characters."

An unexpected week over, would Scar's followers retaliate for this move? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 2 - Happily Never After.
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