Episode #10 - I Always Forget About....

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Episode #10 - I Always Forget About....

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 17 Apr - 19:08:09

NatKat's Big Brother Season 2
Happily Never After
Episode #10 - I Always Forget About....

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 16 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 16 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Tonight on NatKat's Big Brother Season 2 - Happily Never After, Peter Pan went from Head of Household to out the door like a fart in the wind. Would Tiana and Kristoff be out for blood now?


Scar was feeling blue that his push to get rid of Tiana didn't work. He crawls in bed with Gretel and rests his head on her.

Scar: "Pan is now gone. Sucks I can't play HOH because I feel like people lied to me and I could go up next. Please win HOH if you can!!! Today was a weird day here."

Gretel: "Just deny you voted for her and it'll be fine. Who else did?

Scar: "Oh I'll definitely deny. I told people I don't trust, that I voted to keep her."

Gretel: "Ok sounds good!"

Scar feels a bit better and be default, he feels hungry. He joins Kristoff in the kitchen and starts munching on gold fish crackers.

Kristoff: "I voted against Peter Sad Sorry"

Scar: "That's ok. I did too because I heard it changed again... This game is so chaotic!"

People were already trying to make moves, it was crucial to try for this next Wizard power.

The Wizard Challenge #4 (Strangers Like Me)

Strangers Like Me

Cruella you can't be Head of Household but you can still play and assign it to someone else.

Tarzan was dropped on the IMDb Games and Other Games board and as you can probably imagine, he's not well acquainted with mankind, let alone mankind online.

Help him find his way by helping him to meet Users from the IMDb Games and Other Games board.

I will post pictures that will help you solve 5 IMDb Games and Other Games board Users. They are all people who have posted on the Games board at least once.


- You have 20 minutes
- You must post your answers in your Diary Room (doesn't matter which thread)
- The User ID has to be exactly how it is on IMDb
- You can only submit once

The first person to get them all right or the person with the most correct after 20 minutes will win.

Ask questions now. Picture will be posted in 5 minutes.

Pumba: "Where do babies come from?"

Emma Swan: "A male penis"

Emma Swan: "About 3 minutes left."

Everyone sits waiting to be called to the HOH room and notified of their score.

*Cinderella walks in*

Cinderella: "They are such filthy people. I scrub and scrub all day long and they don't even appreciate me."

Emma Swan: "That's unfortunate, you also didn't win the Wizard power."

*Cinderella walks out, Queen Mombi is called in.*

Queen Mombi: "I need hair gel, is there hair gel around here?"

Emma Swan: "No and no to you winning the Wizard power."

*Finally, a winning face shows up.*

You have won the fourth Wizard Power of the season. You have 30 minutes your pick for the Head of Household. It can be yourself or anyone in this cast. You must PM me your choice on this forum. Who you tell about this is up to you.


Emma Swan: "Very well, let's get out of here."

Everyone was gathered around for the announcement of their new Head of Household.

Your Fourth Head of Household



Please use the thread I will make you in the "Wizard's Lair" to post your nominations at your earliest convenience. Has to be tonight.

Cinderella: "Congrats Kristoff, that was definitely the toughest challenge I think we've had so far."

Tiana: "Good job Kristoff!"

Kristoff: "Thank you both!"

Pumba: "Great job!"

Gretel: "Who are those users? Lol.

Great work Kristoff!"

Kristoff: "Thanks you two <3"

Yzma: "Congrats Kristoff"

Dopey: "Much respect Kristoff , that challenge was tough Wink"

Cinderella offers to cook dinner for the house. Pumba and Tiana offer to help.

Cinderella: "Okay so Kristoff wins. Not the worse case scenario, I just started talking to him today (like an hour before the challenge) so I'm a little worried. Tiana, are you comfortable sharing your theory about a villains alliance? We could use that as an excuse to form a new alliance and to get Kristoff to target them."

Tiana: "Kristoff and I have been talking ever since I was nominated he was the one who shared the theory with me of the villain alliance.

I think he will go after the villains in the game."

Pumba: "That's promising. I only got two right! lol"

Tiana: "I hope he nominates villains lol"

Cinderella: "Me too!!"

Tiana: "He asked me which two villains do I think he should put up."

Pumba: "Should we give up Scar already?"

Tiana: "I told him Cruella/Yzma. He said those were the two he were thinking since they've both won competitions before."

Cinderella: "Yzma won something?"

Pumba: "Those are good choices. I think it's too early to give up Scar since we don't know 100% if he's playing on more than one side"

Tiana: "I think Yzma won a veto? Or she did really well in a veto."

Cinderella: "No, Pumba won 2 vetoes and Kristoff won the last one. She must have done really well on one."

Pumba: "I think she did well in the first one if I'm remembering right"

The villains gather to gossip about the new Head of Household.

Ursula: "We need to stick together. I always forget about queen mombi

So what do you think of the new hoh?"

Yzma: "Might be bad for us"

Ursula: "I hope he puts up inactives. There are people I forget are in the game."

Yzma: "Same here, like Cinderella"

In his Head of Household room, Kristoff entertains his girls Tiana and Gretel.

Tiana: "Good job Kristoff!"

Gretel: "Good job Kristoff! I got the time wrong."

Kristoff: "Thanks <3 I'm so happy right now!"

Gretel: "This room <3"

Kristoff: "So, I'm thinking I'll nominate 2 villains. Do you two have a preference?"

Tiana: "Cruella and maybe Yzma? They've both won challenges? Ursula seemed to be on a lot talking to Cruella though over the past 24 hours so Cruella and Ursula may be good too."

Kristoff: "I was actually thinking Cruella & Yzma before you said that. That's probably the one that is most likely."

Gretel: "Cruella nomd you both and I'm fine with either of those 2 Tiana said, or even Queen Mombi an inactive."

Kristoff: "Yeah those 4 are the top 4 options for me."

Tiana: "Of the three, Ursula is the only one who responded back to me and asked me if I had the votes to stay. Yzma didn't PM me back at all but checked, and Mombi never opened my messages."

Kristoff: "What do you think about Ymza & Mombi going up and then backdooring Cruella?"

Tiana: "Sounds good, I think Ursula over Mombi though? That way you have two people playing in the POV who want to win. Mombi isn't very active."

Kristoff: "Idk Ursula at least messaged me and I did tell her I wouldn't nominate her. I feel like I could sell the nominations better by saying I just picked the two who didn't talk to me so it doesn't look like a direct villain attack. You know what I mean?"

Tiana's Diary Room

Thank God Kristoff won HOH!

Time for a stanking villain to get outta here!

Cinderella's Diary Room

Kristoff wins and I am terrified. We just started talking and I don't know where his head is. I can't afford to go on the block so I think now might be a good time to throw the villains under the bus.

Gretel's Diary Room

I pulled the "I got the time wrong" card in regard to this HOH. When I made my appearance I saw that Kristoff won! Couldn't have gone any better. He is one of my closest allies so I can cruise this week too. BB mystery games are so easy lol and require very little effort on my end. You just get to sit back, be a supportive ally and watch everyone implode!

The ONLY problem I have is that Kristoff wants to backdoor Cruella. I don't want that to happen at all. I know I will be expected to vote her out since she nomd BOTH T and Kris and I am anticipating how to go about handling this...I want to leave people in the game who have conflicts with each other. It's how I stay safe.

I am very curious to see what will happen at the veto, but I will be conveniently missing yet again Smile

Gretel whispers to Scar on their way back inside the house.

Gretel: "You're good....Kristoff likes you!!

We both should be safe this round."

Scar: "I am probably good this round."

Kristoff goes to the storage room where he saw Gretel enter just a couple seconds ago.

Kristoff: "*dances with you in the storage room*"

Gretel: "I saw you won!!! I am so excited right now Smile"

Kristoff: "Ahhhh <333 I def will need your input on the noms. It's gonna be a tough decision."

Gretel: "Ok! Out of the villians I've spoken the most to Cruella (cuz she was HOH and we taunted on a thread) and Scar. But Cruella nominated you. There are inactive villians too."

Kristoff: "I've also talked a lot with Scar. Cruella is so...ugh. I told her that if she got the votes to save me, I wouldn't nominate her in return. BUT, I saved myself, she didn't. So, she's def going up."

Gretel: "Yep, makes sense to me. She will probably get votes to stay too but oh well.

Maybe for the other go with the villian you talk to least? That way you stay in a nice spot."

Kristoff: "Ursula & Pumba both PM'd me RIGHT AWAY. A little shady."

Gretel: "Very. I learned Tiana is close to Pumba (don't say anything) so she won't like him up. Ursula would be good. I've never talked to her either."

Kristoff: "Hmmm.....maybe Pumba isn't with the villains after all."

Gretel: "Or he's doing a mix of everyone. He won 2 vetoes! He will be one to watch I think."

Kristoff: "Yeah he's def something else. He PM'd me right after I won POV last night too."

Gretel: "Weird lol. At least he talks to you tho."

Kristoff: "Yeah I guess he just PMs whoever wins a challenge lmfao"

Gretel: "Invite me to the HOH later for some candy please"

Kristoff: "Of course <3"

Abu and Baymax show up.

Kristoff: "What are you guys thinking for the noms? I'm def subscribing to that "villains are aligned" theory and might go for two of them."

Gretel: "Congrats!! I sort of think they are too. It's perfect you won so they can go down a number."

Baymax: "That is a subscription I would like to sign up for. Put me under contract."

Abu: "good job Kristoff. who do you guys consider dangerous outside of our group. possibly cruella, seems like she has a lot of connections."

Kristoff: "Cruella is scary for sure. I want her up and out this week. We need at least 5 votes to make that happen, we have 3 in this room so if we can get 2 more, we'd be golden."

Baymax: "What about Queen Mombai she seems so quiet."

Gretel: "I'm fine with villians going up and out!"

Kristoff: "Yeah Queen & Yzma are both super quiet."

Baymax: "You could always put them up and try to back door cruella, if you think you can get the votes."

Kristoff: "That's not a bad thought actually."

Later on Kristoff joins Scar for a night dip in the pool.

Scar: "Congrats!!!"

Kristoff: "Thank you <3"

Scar: "I'm kind of wondering about Baymax. He and I only speak briefly now and he seemed to really want to keep Tiana today. It was odd. Don't tell him I said that. But it makes me wonder where his loyalties are. He's kind of become an enigma to me.

And Dopey- do you ever hear from him? He and I have still never spoken lol"

Kristoff: "I've had one conversation with Dopey and it was before the first HOH comp lmao"

After some discussions and reflexion, Kristoff is ready and gathers everyone around for the nominations ceremony.

Kristoff: "Alright everyone, I'm going to keep this relatively short and sweet. I'm basing my nominations on those who have actually talked to me and those who are a complete mystery.

My first nomination is....
Queen Mombi
I honestly haven't seen you around in quite a while and I don't know anything about you. Sorry.

My second nomination is....
I've never talked to you. You are active but we still haven't talked. This is half my fault but I thought you might reach out tonight but...

This nomination ceremony is adjourned."

Baymax: "Thank you for your companionship.

gl nominees."

Cinderella: "Thanks for my key Kristoff Smile"

Tiana: "Thanks for the key Kristoff!"

Cruella de Vil: "Good luck in the POV ..."

Ursula: "Thanks for the key good luck everyone playing in the veto."

Scar: "Thank you for the key!"

Dopey: "Thanks Kristoff"

Queen Mombi: "It's okay Kristoff. Good luck Yzma!"

Feeling hot under the belt, Kristoff heads out for another dip in the pool. Scar sees him and decides to make this a thing between them.

Kristoff: "What did you think of my noms? Also, Cruella keeps saying someone told her I voted to evict her and is feeding her BS lol I tried to get her to tell me but she wouldn't."

Scar: "I honestly like Mombi and Yzma. But that's just me personally.

I don't know where people like Dopey, Cinderella, and Abu stand. They're enigmas to me. Yeah, I think Tiana told Cruella some stuff when she was nominated last round, because Tiana got suspicious of me even and it was so chaotic. Tiana's in a really good place in the middle right now. Please don't tell her I said that. But I think she was part of the chaos last round because she talked to Cruella to try to save herself when she was on the block. Sad

I'll be back on tonight around the time the veto is ending. I have plans before that. But I'll talk to you later.

It'd be kind of nice if either of those ladies didn't have to go home, but you're HOH, so I respect your decision either way. I just feel like there are some people in the game who are just votes for other people right now, and they're not helping you and I in any way."

Kristoff: "Wow I didn't think about Tiana being the one. Who are some of the ones you'd want out? Abu/Dopey/Cinderella?"

Scar: "Preferably. They're kind of just floating and seem to vote however she wants them too. Sucks she won veto. She probably won't use it unless you talk her into it? Sad

Yzma and Mombi are non-threats to us in this game."

Kristoff: "However who wants them too?"

Scar: "However Tiana tells them to. She's like, the middle man with those people. They don't really talk to me much. Dopey doesn't talk to me at all.

But she talks to all of them and talks highly of them. And I know she has Pumba in her corner too. And then she talks to Gretel and I and we kind of agree on voting and stuff, so she kind of knows where all the votes fall at any given time. Mombi and Yzma are kind of alone relatively in this game and they're not coming after us or anything."

Kristoff: "Where does Cruella fit into all that? I was thinking she might have the 2 ladies I nominated on a tight leash."

Scar: "Nobody seems to talk to Mombi at all. But Mombi told me she's just been busy the last few days and it's why she hasn't been as social. I think Yzma and Cruella talk, but that's all I know about them.

And then Baymax talks kindly of Tiana, but he's been holding back from talking to me as much. I can feel it. Sad So Idk who he talks to mainly anymore."

Kristoff: "He talks to me sometimes. Gah it feels like this whole cast is in a jumbled mess lol I'm also worried because it seems like everything I say about Cruella gets reported back to her and I have no idea who she's getting her info from and she told me that when she finds out for sure who it is, she'd tell me but I doubt she gives up that info."

Scar: "I don't think Cruella has a problem with you at all. She was confused about who all "kept" her the round she didn't leave, but I think there's bigger fish to fry with the chaos that has been the last two rounds. And by not voting that one round, Tiana seems to kind of be forgotten in that whole mess, but I can't help but think that was intentional. Idk."

Kristoff: "Gah I have no idea what to think. I seriously thought Cruella hated me lol"

Scar: "No. I never got that impression from her. She probably just thought you didn't like her or something. But it never went to hate."

Kristoff's Diary Room

Winning HOH was really important for me after barely escaping last week. I need to use this HOH to form more bonds and alliances and figure out who I can trust and who I can't.

I feel like a backdoor of Cruella is my best move this week because she is gunning for me and I need to get her before she tries and gets me again. So, I nominated her two weakest minions, Mombi & Yzma.

Both nominees seem to understand my reasoning and honestly, I just haven't talked to them. I made deals with Pumba and Ursula so if they win HOH, they wouldn't nominate me. I wasn't gonna nominate them anyways so this works out for me great. Though, Ursula seems like a dumbaśs so she prob won't ever win. Now watch her go on a winning streak <3

Veto Player Selection

I will need Kristoff, Queen Mombi and Yzma to pick 1 numbers between 1-10. Each number is assigned to a player. Your selections will join you to compete in the next veto challenge. You have until Wednesday April 13th 7:00 p.m. EST

Yzma: "8"

Kristoff: "3"

Queen Mombi: "5"

Number 8 aligns with Tiana

Number 3 aligns with Cruella de Vil

Number 5 aligns with Abu

Veto Players

Queen Mombi
Cruella de Vil

Queen Mombi: "Abu <3"

Kristoff's Diary Room

Picking Cruella to play in POV was like one of those slow motion moments where I'm just regretting every choice lol

Baymax's Diary Room

This robot is sittin' pretty. Although I did miss the challenge today because I looked at the wrong week in the schedule section. I am glad my fellow companion Kristoff won HoH, and he even did as I instructed him to do. Yzma and Queen Mombai are nominated because of me and my logical thinking. It would be great if Yzma won PoV and Cruella gets put up instead, because out of the 3, Yzma is the one I fear the least as I speak to her a little bit.  

The villains lend their support to Yzma who finds herself on the block.

Ursula: "Sorry to see you up yzma"

Cruella de Vil: "God, we are doomed. All the goody two shoes are sticking together to get rid of all of us."

Scar: "We are doomed. Sad

I know for a fact that Pumba, Cinderella, and Abu are in Tiana's corner. And Dopey probably too.

Kristoff is an enigma to me. I wish Yzma and Mombi weren't nominated. This sucks. We need to pull one of them down and make Kristoff put someone else up like Baymax or someone. This really sucks...

Mombi is a good number for us because she doesn't like the goody two shoes players..."

Ursula: "Has anyone ever talked to Gretel? I keep forgetting she's in the game."

Scar: "I am pretty tight with her.

Gretel's nice. I trust her with my gut feelings on Tiana and she kind of concurs. She had already voted out Peter before I got to her today to tell her to vote Tiana.

I honestly think us 4 and Mombi and Gretel (and possibly Kristoff) could work out a grouping if we all pulled together. But it's one of those things where I don't know if we can trust Kristoff. He and I have a kind of bromance going so he won't nominate me this round, but I want him so badly to renom with someone like Cinderella or Dopey or something... I might try to work on that. But I honestly don't know what approach to take with him to get that to work."

Ursula "Dopey sent me a very weird pm today"

Scar: "What'd it say? He and I have never spoken once. lol"

Ursula: "We haven't really spoken since I was up for eviction. I just wanted to ask what you think of the game so far ? No ulterior motives , just curiosity Wink


Cruella de Vil: "Dopey is one of those players who doesn't say much, but is always in the background watching. Kind of scary."

Scar: "Yeah... He seems to always be around, but I've never talked to him, so I have no idea where his head's at in the game."

There was some back and forth going on, lines were being drawn. You picked your side and had to suffer the consequences. Would anyone face any this round? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 2 - Happily Never After.
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