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Post by Emma Swan on Mon 4 Apr - 19:08:57

Let's talk episodes

As posted in the main thread for the casting, I will do episodes, I can just be slow.

But I have good news, so far I'm keeping up with the Kardashians, oops I mean, keeping up with this game. Episode 1 is already ready to be posted when the game ends and my goal is to try and keep writing as we go along.

Few things I would like to ask of you

1- Do not post things in your diary room entries that will give your identity away. I don't always read 100% of the walls of texts I post and could miss it.

2- I hid the post counts so don't be shy and post away to give me more material

3- Request for private rooms to talk with alliances you have so I can capture the moments for the episodes.

4- Or make a thread in your diary room and share some of the private messages conversations you're having.

Thank you
Emma Swan

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Re: Episodes..

Post by Kristoff on Mon 4 Apr - 20:11:39

Yay! Posting partyyyyyyy

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Re: Episodes..

Post by Tiana on Mon 4 Apr - 20:39:13

Lol yes ma'am<3

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Re: Episodes..

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