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WP 3 Challenge yo

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HERO: BRAHNE- An apprentice wizard in his 20's with bleach blonde hair and slim build. He has a very British accent and is everybody dream guy. He wears a read turtle neck sweeter and grey trousers (lol). He also is known for being very promiscuous. Meaning bitches love his big DICK!

VILLAIN: KENDALL- A Pirate who is on the brink of immortality. He is a very clean and rich heir to the Kingdom. He has long brown hair spiraling in a golden twist. He has a bad scar on the right side of his face which is his only insecurity.


Once upon a time, in a castle far, far away; lived and old wizard. His name was Gramel. Gramel was an old magics professor. He would teach all the young witches and wizards how to balance their power and bring them tranquility within themselves. However, an evil pirate known as Kendall was set out to destroy him. For he knew that Gramel found out the secret to immortality. A stone able to give you the power of a GOD shall be bestowed upon whoever could find it. Gramel was worried that Kendall would find out and sent his best students to defend the stone. Their names were Brahne, Lucy, Minx, and Klaus. They were the top students. They overpowered everyone showing great fortitude and sexiness.

Brahne was always wanted more as a child. Yes, he had it all, good looks, charming wit, and a big dick. He fucked all the bitches in the Castle. Lucy was just about to orgasm when Kendalls men broke down the door to the inn the four students were staying at. The mens swords were raised and was about to strike down until Brahne used a fire spell to cast them on fire. They screwed. Lucy was thrown to the ground and she mind pushed one into the hallway. After the ruckus Brahne said "I totally just came". Lucy then replied with, "Thats okay, looks like I'll just have to lick it clean and begin sucking on his fully erect penis. It was a good five minute. The other two students Minx and Klaus were defending the inn from Kendall himself. Klaus shouts "Dude, hurry the hell up we need you". The fight went on and Lucy jumped from the window and began freezing them on the pot, Minx turned invisible and sliced the throat of most of them. Braine himself went and stabbed Kendall in the chest. However Kendall already found the GOD stone. Kendall kicked Brahne in nuts and he fell.

The battle ended with all four collapsing. They were not enough for the immortal pirate. They had to ward Gramel. they sent a letter and hoped it would be read in time. Against everyones wishes Brahne went alone to help save Gramel. After reaching the castle, it was on fire. Inferno. He ascend into madness and went to save anyone no matter what. Upon reaching the roof area, he saw Gramel almost slain by the pirate. Brahne sent a thunderbolt and it striked accurately. The pirate turned around and focused his attention on Brahne. "You dare think you can kill me, mortal?"
"I do!"
"You are a fool."
"I may be a fool, but I'm willing to die to make sure you dont become the ruler."

Kendall raised his sword and a dragon with Klau, Lucy and Minx drop on the tower. A battle begins and and Lucy is slain. Her body cut in half. Brahne screams and rips the stone out of Kendalls body and knocks him down. Minx grabs the sword and hands it to Brahne.
"Please, don't, I'm a GOD!!!!".
"Fuck you and your mom." Brahne replies and slices of his head. The order was restored and Gramel later on died from a heart attack. Brahne slowly got over Lucy. He found out he was bi and started fucking everyone in the castle. Given the time period he did not know about the dangers of HIV/AIDS and the castle quickly dies of aids.

And they all lived happily ever after. The End


GRAMEL: Steve Buscemi
Kendall: Michale Madsen
BRAHNE: Seth Rogen
LUCY: Milla Kunis
MINX: Milla Jovovich
KLAUS: Chandler Riggs
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