Episode #4 - Wretched Little Gretel

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Episode #4 - Wretched Little Gretel

Post by Emma Swan on Sat 9 Apr - 1:12:57

NatKat's Big Brother Season 2
Happily Never After
Episode #4 - Wretched Little Gretel

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 16 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 16 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Tonight on NatKat's Big Brother Season 2 - Happily Never After, we mourn Hades's departure and we watch the players battle for another Wizard Power.


After the first eviction, the housemates were treated to some champagne and canned caviare.

Yzma's Diary Room

So far I like our Villain allaince. I love Little Mermaid and Lion King so working with Scar and Ursula is cool. I kinda wish we would of kept Hades instead of Dopey. Im a little worried he could end up another Jiminey. Im not sure if he even showed up on time for the comp or not. Possible floater.

Scar's Diary Room

I have lots of things running right now.

Private rooms with:
Gretel, Tiana, Cruella, Queen Mombi, Baymax (aka Bay), and then group rooms with Tiana, Gretel, and I, as well as one with Yzma, Ursula, Cruella, and I (I didn't create that one).

I feel the most comfortable talking with Queen Mombi and Gretel. And mostly comfortable talking with Yzma and Tiana.

The rest kinda feel like they're really playing hard if that makes sense. Especially Baymax and Ursula and such. I just feel a little wary of the everything I say in those rooms, but I'm doing my best to fit in.

Also, I like Hades. Why was that vote so hard for me? Everyone wants to keep Dopey around, but frankly, he seems quite annoying.... :/

I still want a private room with Kristoff. He seems nice and someone I could work with.

It's weird to say since I usually have an immediate "click" with someone or a few people towards the beginning of games, but this time I don't feel 100% loyalty to anyone yet. That might be a good thing though. lol

I do really like Queen Mombi and Tiana has been nothing but nice to me, so I feel more pulled towards them and I guess Gretel too.

Oh- Tiana asked Gretel and I if we wanted a "grouping" with Cinderella and Pumba- I haven't talked to them AT ALL. lol. Maybe I should get on that. Idk... I don't really want to work with them, but I should at least message them I guess.

That's my thoughts for now. If I win HOH, I'm giving it to Queen Mombi because I think she needs to build more allies. I want to know who all she wants to work with besides me (assuming she doesn't hate and is just faking it). lol

Ok, bye for now!

Abu's Diary Room

Abu's scared, not familiar with playing Big Brother. Try to talk to everyone and kiss butts, so I can stay in the BB house longer. Don't know who to trust, only Aladdin but he's not here. Abu probably over aligning with people.

Peter Pan's Diary Room

Wow, Hades left by a of 7-4. So 4 people must be in an alliance. I know its not Kristof, he told me before he was voting for Hades.

Well anyhow, It worked great for me. Dopey is still here and I very much like him. Also! Cinderella and I have started flirting and i think a showman may be in the brews, How Juicy!

I'm really gonna try and win this Challenge because I'll obviously give myself HOH. Then I could actually start this game a going.

I don't really get good vibes from Cruella. She is obviously messaging people and I am not among them. So she's up to something and I want to stop her in her tracks.

Gretel continued her routine of washing her socks after events, it was her lucky pair after all. Scar who was eating a half chicken in the backyard sees her coming out.

Scar: "Having a pleasant day. I took a long cat nap earlier and my spirits are quite high. It's a good day."

Gretel: "We got a lot of allies fast! Do you think we are doing too much?"

Scar: "Idk. But you can never be too careful. To be honest, I don't know Abu or Cindy at all.

I've been talking some with Cruella. I told Tiana this too- Cruella seems really nice and someone I get along with. I messaged Abu and we'll see what he responds."

Gretel: "I also know Cruella. We met tonight.

Abu seems like a loyal person. Idk. It'll get sticky later but maybe for now we can steamroll until the jury. You're my #1 man."

Scar: "Can I be straight-forward about something?"

Gretel: "Of course! What?"

They hear a noise so they have to halt the conversation.

Tiana: "Hey!"

Scar: "We need to chat more one-on-one. I must say, I've been getting to know Cruella a little better and she seems like a good person. I really love working with you and Gretel- you two are very nice and straight-forward. And that's important in this game."

Tiana: "For sure! I don't think I've chatted one on one much with Cruella. Should I message her?"

Scar: "I would. She seems cool to me."

It was getting late, everyone just chilled by the pool and the hot tub with their champagne before calling it a night. The next morning, Queen Mombi prepared breakfast for everyone before the Wizard challenge.

The Wizard Challenge #2 (Zero to Hero!)

From Zero to Hero!

Coincidence but we will honour our fallen comrad Hades by using his movie for this challenge.

Hades learns that in eighteen years, a planetary alignment will allow Hades to locate and free the Titans to conquer Olympus, but only if Hercules does not interfere.

Of course Hercules will interfere and that's where you come in. The alignment is happening tonight so you must hurry.

I will post 10 questions (Planets is the theme) and you have 15 minutes to answer as many as you can.


- Please post your answer in your Diary Room
- Doesn't matter which thread you use
- Spelling counts
- I want first and last name if a name is required
- You can only submit once
- Person with the most correct in the fastest amount of time will win.

You have 10 minutes to ask questions.

Pumba: "Why doesn't my dad love me?"

Yzma: "LOL"

Scar: "Why must Simba ruin everything?"

Cruella de Vil: "I love you Pumba."

Pumba: "Dad?"

Cruella de Vil: "I need a drink!"

Peter Pan: "I SECOND THAT"

Emma Swan: "You bunch of drunk fools. You better get the rules or I will slap each and every one of you over my knee."

Pumba: "Promise?"


Scar: "Oh we do Emma. We do. The drinking helps our game ;("


* Note that your answers must match mine. I used wikipedia

1- Who discovered Uranus (no I'm not talking about yours, I mean the planet lol)
2- Which planet is composed of 8–12% helium?
3- Mars's average distance from the Sun is roughly how many million kilometres?
4- Name the 8th planet
5- Second-largest planet?
6- Name the planet that is no longer a planet.
7- Which belt is Pluto located in?
8- Which planet was also named "Le Verrier's planet"?
9- What is the Latin word for Earth?
10- What is the orbital period for Mercury?

Ursula: "Emma I want to break all the rules!!!"

Pumba: "Do it!"

Cruella de Vil: "I love breaking rules."

Peter Pan: "In Neverland there are no rules. Except in MJ's. Dont break the rules there."

Pumba: "The rule there is you can't get older than 14"

Baymax: "As a robot I am not programmed to break rules. I must abide by my trusty chip."

Pumba: "Mmmmmm, chips......"

Gretel: "Kids like me don't follow the rules Smile

Good luck everyone."

Cruella de Vil: "Kids like me don't follow the rules Smile

Good luck everyone."

Gretel: "She wasn't nice!!!! Evil or Very Mad

I also shoved her fat bottom into the oven."

Yzma: "I think Emma likes it when people break the rules. Break all of them"

Cruella de Vil: "Wretched little Gretel."

Gretel: "Animal killer! Murderer!"

Scar: "LOL"

Cruella de Vil: "Who dresses those poor children? No wonder they go around vandalizing property."

Pumba: "Well this just got real"

Cruella de Vil: "A fashion faux pas! Old lady abuser!"


Scar: "You got a problem with animals Pan?"

Gretel: "Why yes, Peter there are. Stay away from Cruella if you are one!"

Emma Swan: "I have tallied everyone's answers and time. I am ready to announce a winner. Be on the lookout for my post in your Diary Room."

Pumba: "I haven't sat here waiting all night to hear from a girl since.......last night Sad"

Baymax: "My calculations were incorrect for the distance. Congratulations to the winner."

Abu: *scans Baymax for viruses*

Pumba: "No viruses, just herpes"

Peter Pan: "As long as you don't have fleas, we're on good terms."

Pumba: "Jerk"

Scar: "Me having fleas? Never. To suggest such a thing..."

Baymax: "Robots cannot get herpes."

Peter Pan enters his Diary Room

You have won the second Wizard Power of the season. You have 30 minutes to post your pick for the Head of Household. It can be yourself or anyone in this cast. You must PM me your choice on this forum. Who you tell about this is up to you.

Peter Pan: "Oh my God!! Yes!

Ill get right back to you."

*Pan paces a little and looks back towards Emma.*

Peter Pan: "I rarely ever win these, so I'm gonna take this perfect opportunity to pick me as HOH. WOOT"

[i[Everyone was asked to go back to the main area so the Head of Household could be announced.[/i]

Your Second Head of Household


Peter Pan

Please use the thread I will make you in the "Wizard's Lair" to post your nominations at your earliest convenience.

Yzma: "Congrats Peter"

Tiana: "Congrats Peter!"

Ursula: "Great job Peter!!!"

Peter Pan: "Yay me!!"

Abu: "nice job peter"

Scar: "Congrats!"

Dopey: "♫ Following the leader, the leader, the leader....♫"

Cruella de Vil: "Oh Peter! How delicious!"

Gretel: "Congrats Pan!"

Peter Pan: "Thank you, thank you!"

Kristoff: "Congrats Peter!!"

Scar and Cruella stay behind a little to soak their feet in the hot tub.

Scar: "Man- Peter won. I haven't spoken to him, so I could be in trouble."

Cruella de Vil: "I have played around with him, but you never know what people are thinking. It will be a boring game if either of us leave."

Scar: "I completely agree. What do you think of the others in the game so far? I haven't gotten much of a read from some of them yet. Makes me nervous I haven't talked to people like Pan who has now won an HOH."

Cruella de Vil: "Some are fun, while others are quiet. I guess this game is no different than the others, except for the fact that we don't know who is who."

Scar: "Very valid point indeed. I guess it's the quiet that throws me off a bit."

Cruella de Vil: "This game is too much fun to be quiet. I am having a blast. This is the best game so far, because you don't have to be yourself."

Scar: "Exactly. It's more fun this way!"

Elsewhere in the house, Abu and Gretel were changing to comfier clothes, well Abu was just changing his hat.

Gretel: "Sad I don't know Peter at all."

Abu: "I talked to him briefly. Let me ask who he is nominating."

Gretel: "I PMd him and he replied and said I was safe this week Smile"

Abu: "awesome Smile  and Baymax mentioned something about getting a group together.  Don't know how you feel about that."

Gretel: "He did to me too. I'd be fine with it.

Cinderella wants us to be in a group with her/Pumba/Scar/Tiana too. I worry about being with so many so fast, but it would keep us in a nice spot."

Abu: "ok and we'll have the other group with Baymax, Kristoff too"

Abu finds his new hat and leaves to meet up with his robot pal Baymax.

Abu: "Are you on good terms with Peter, Bay?"

Baymax: "I'd like to think so. I said hello at the beginning of the game and we have had a friendly rapport. No strategy yet though.

Gretel reached out to me and said something about you and Kristoff?"

Abu: "yeah i talked to her and Kristoff, see if we can get something together if we survive this round."

In the bathroom, Scar, Yzma and Cruella were brushing their teeth.

Scar: "I fear I may be in trouble ladies. I have not spoken to Peter yet this game. That could spell trouble for me."

Yzma: "Lets hope not"

Cruella de Vil: "One villain gone already...we need to make sure we don't lose anymore."

Scar: "I agree. I was a little bummed that Hades left to be honest. We could use all the bad BOOTY we can get around here."

Peter Pan had some time to think about this and didn't really want to drag this out any longer.

Peter Pan: "Hello everyone. As Head of Household it is my duty to nominate two people for Eviction. Without further ado, I will begin to pull out the keys. Those people are safe:

Baymax- you are safe
Dopey- You are safe
Abu- You are safe
Queen zombi- you are safe

Oh my anaconda don't want it. That takes way to long lol

I have decided to nominate.....

I'm sorry, but I have nominated you two for eviction. HOWEVER there is still the POV and I wish you to good luck.


Baymax: "Thank you for your companionship."

Tiana: "Thanks for the key! Good luck in the POV everyone!"

Scar: "Thanks for the key Peter."

Cruella de Vil: "You will miss me when I am gone."

Ursula: "Thanks for the key"

Pumba: "Deja vu"

Yzma: "Than you Peter"

Kristoff: "Thanks for the key Peter!"

Queen Mombi: "Good luck nominees!"

Veto Player Selection

I will need Peter Pan, Cruella and Pumba to pick 1 numbers between 1-12. Each number is assigned to a player. Your selections will join you to compete in the next veto challenge. You have until Thursday April 7th 7:00 p.m. EST

Cruella de Vil: "I will pick 6"

Pumba: "I'll pick 2"

Peter Pan: "I'll pick 4"

Number 6 aligns with Dopey

Number 2 aligns with Abu

Number 4 aligns with Gretel

Veto players

Peter Pan
Cruella de Vil

The nominations seemed a little predictable. Would anything put a wrench in Peter Pan's plan? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 2 - Happily Never After.
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