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HOH - Once Upon a Time

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The story takes place in New Orleans in the 1800's. Our hero is Deuce, a bartender at a local bar on Bourbon Street. He's tall with short, dark hair. He is very witty and always has a one-liner ready to go. He is quite the ladies' man. He would be played by Miles Teller.

Our villain is Bayou John, a voodoo witch doctor who is capable of placing voodoo spells and curses on locals and uses their souls to help him stay alive. John looks extremely old, but is even older in age as he is well over 100 year old. He is African American. He would be played by Morgan Freeman.

"The Voodoo King"

Once upon a time in New Orleans, there was a bar called "Deja Vu" where locals would go to forget their troubles, have some fun, and meet new people. The man responsible for making sure these Big Easy natives had fun was Deuce, a charismatic young man who could make a mean Hurricane cocktail and also keep the patrons in good spirits with his wit.

New Orleans was a city that embraced fun and mandated that people treated each other with respect, especially on Bourbon Street, where Deja Vu was located. But there was a darker side to the city. A side that people either didn't know about, or chose to ignore.

Voodoo was popular in New Orleans. Everybody knew what it was, but most, like Deuce, didn't believe in it. Little did they know that tucked a few streets away lived Bayou John, the Voodoo King who had escaped to New Orleans in the 1700's and began his reign of terror over the city. Those who believed in voodoo knew about John. The non-believers just assumed he was a crazy old man.

John would venture into the night and wait near bars, and as the drunken men would stumble out after a night of drinking, he would put a spell on them and take their souls, allowing him to remain immortal. John had one weakness: he could not step into a church. That would cause all of the spirits he had acquired along the way to leave his possession, which would kill him.

On this night, John was waiting outside of Deja Vu for his next "feeding". Shortly after midnight, Henry, a local cobbler stumbled out. John approached him.

"Excuse me sir, do you have the time?" John asked.

As Henry drunkenly stared at his watch, trying to figure out the time, John took advantage of the distraction.

"Ribbons bind and entwine. Your heart linked to mine. For you I yearn. For me you burn." John chanted.

Henry struggled to breathe, and in a matter of seconds the life left his eyes. John had taken his soul.

As John picked up Henry to carry him back to his house, Deuce happened to be outside taking the trash out and saw John carrying Henry. As a bartender, Deuce knew his fair share of people in town, but didn't recognize John. He knew Henry though, fairly well. He knew Henry wasn't the type to pass out after a night of drinking, and he certainly wasn't the type to be carried away with a strange man. Deuce started to follow John to see where he was headed.

It only took a few minutes for John to get back his shed. Deuce watched as John opened up a furnace and threw Henry's body into it. He saw John bring out several voodoo dolls and begin chanting. Living in New Orleans his entire life, Deuce recognized this behavior as voodoo behavior. He started to remember all of the locals who had disappeared over the years, and realized that this is where they had gone.

Deuce had to put a stop to John. But how? He remembered Patrick, a local priest who would stop by Deja Vu from time to time and would always warn Deuce to beware of witchcraft. Deuce ran two blocks to the church, where Patrick lived in a room upstairs.

"Patrick! I need your help! There is a voodoo witch doctor killing people and putting spells on them!"

Patrick, still half asleep, asked if Deuce was sure.

"I saw it with my own eyes! He killed Henry, then started chanting around a pile of voodoo dolls!" Deuce yelled.

Patrick pulled out a large book and began rapidly turning the pages.

"It says the only way to conquer a voodoo king is to bring him to a church and place this spell on him." Patrick said as he handed Deuce a piece of paper.

Deuce left the church and headed back to John's house. As he got closer, he started stumbling and making a lost of noise to get John's attention. John, thinking Deuce was drunk, slowly started to approach him.

"Excuse me sir, are you lost?" John asked.

"Yeah, I can't find where I'm going." Deuce slurred.

"Where are you headed?" John asked.

"To church." Deuce said, as he took a lead pipe from behind back and clubbed John over the head with it.

With John unconscious, Deuce carried him to the church, where Patrick was waiting. They tied John to a table under a cross and began the chant.

"With this magic verse I turn around this wicked curse. As these words are spoken let this evil spell be broken."

John began to thrash on the table, as all of the spirits of the locals he had killed began leaving his body. John looked up Deuce and Patrick, then his eyes closed. He was dead.

Deuce thanked Patrick for helping him. He offered him free drinks at Deja Vu for life.

"After this, I don't think I need a drink ever again!" Patrick said.

Deuce returned to the bar, and the next day had a memorial service for all of the locals who John had taken. While they missed their friends, the locals were happy that John was gone. They had a drink or twelve in memory of their friends, and they all lived happily ever after.

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