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Post by Scar on Thu 14 Apr - 17:11:22

Someone started a rumor in the last few rounds and now I'm being wedged out and they're getting their way. Since the beginning, I've liked Tiana and wanted to work with her. When she was HOH, I told everyone that she was nice to play with. So it's no surprise that whoever is against our group would want to find a way to wedge between Tiana and I. That was their way in. Last round I was told that Tiana was petitioning to get me out and she was told the same thing. Then this round Kristoff was told that I was instrumental in him getting nominated several rounds ago. I never once mentioned for him to go up. Someone's lying and that's all I can say. I just hope it wasn't someone from this group. That would suck to find that out later.

I'm leaving this game, I know that. So goodbye and good luck everyone! Smile <3

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